June 21, 2024

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Chico Pinheiro performs live show 'Nakedness' to celebrate Atlético's title

Chico Pinheiro performs live show ‘Nakedness’ to celebrate Atlético’s title

Chico Pinheiro shows off the Atltico-MG outfit (Photo: Reproduo/TV Globo)

On Friday morning (3/12), presenter Chico Pinheiro of TV Globo, announced his celebration of Atlético MG’s victory in the Brazilian Championship during his live participation in Bom Dia, Brasil and Miss Voc.

“Thank God it’s Friday, Rooster Day today. The Rooster won,” Chico said, dancing and pointing at the meme. The presenter appeared on the morning show with a miniature rooster and showed a mobile phone case decorated with rooster.

He took the opportunity to say he stopped celebrating Atlético’s goals in the match against Bahia on Thursday (2) so as not to lose his voice.

“Look, I yelled three times at three targets on my porch. I screamed three times and stopped. I said, ‘Tomorrow, I won’t have a voice,'” Chico joked.

Later, while participating in Mais Voc, the journalist took off his tie and shirt and showed off the Atlético uniform he was wearing under everything. Ana Maria Braga joked, “We have a Chico Pinheiro bar early in the morning. So elegant!” Watch the videos below:

“Look at her now [final da] Brazil Cup. If we lived on the address, we lost. We do not support the football team. We are athletics. How do you handle 50 years without the title? When the rooster wins, the party is complete. “When Gallo doesn’t win, we’re still athletes,” Chico Pinheiro said afterwards.

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