September 22, 2023

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'A Place in the Sun': Tullio threatens Ravi |  Come to me around - come

‘A Place in the Sun’: Tullio threatens Ravi | Come to me around – come

🎯 The businessman believes that in order to eliminate his rival, he must be able to snatch something from the driver.

Tulio investigates Ravi about his friendship with Christian/Renato in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ – Photo: Globo

🧐 When leaving Redentor, employee Tulio includes:

“You and your Renato, where do you know each other?”

Ravi fears Tulu in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ – Photo: Globo

🧐 So Tulio told him that he would find out about the relationship between the spouses:

“I don’t know what arrangements you have with your boss. But whatever it is you’re covering up, I want to remind you that in the end, the truth comes out. It always is,” he warns.

Then he kills an insect with his wrist and dirty the sleeve of his shirt and completes:

“You could be right: the weakest is the one who gets crushed.”

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Lara tells Nuka that she will find out the truth about what happened to the twins. Rebecca is confused when she learns from Bella that Felipe is moving to Paris. Cecilia opens the package that Felipe left for Rebecca. Elenice discovers that Alipio is wearing an electronic ankle bracelet. Cecilia gets drunk and Bella takes her to the hospital. Cecilia accuses Rebecca of seducing Philip. Elenice and Alipio together. Lara decides to sell it hot at the door of Engenhão, hoping to find Christian’s brother. Ravi noticed that Ruth had a bloody shirt on her wrist, just like Tullo’s shirt when he killed a bug in the car. Ravi tells Christian / Renato that Tullio and Ruth are in love.

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