May 24, 2024

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Children’s death in Serra Hospital will be investigated by MPES

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The Public Ministry of Espírito Santo (MPES) will investigate infant deaths that occurred during childbirth at the Materno Infantil da Serra Hospital, which opened just over a month ago. The agency wants to know if there have been any failures in the care provided by the medical and nursing teams.

A civil investigation was opened on March 22nd. MPES has asked the state health watchdog to conduct a hospital check-up within 30 days. Monitoring has yet to prepare a report and submit it to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The agency also asked the Regional Council of Medicine of Espírito Santo (CRM-ES) and the Provincial Council of Nursing of Espírito Santo (Coren-ES) to conduct inspections of the hospital unit to check for possible irregularities in the operation of the service.

The Public Prosecution Office has asked the institution that runs the hospital, Santa Casa de Misericórdia, to provide information on the measures that have been taken to deal with the deaths that occurred during the short period of operation of the hospital.

The hospital opened in February of this year.. The unit has the capacity to perform 638 normal-risk and 255 high-risk deliveries, as well as 51 admissions for pediatric surgery per month.

What do health departments say?

The Minister of Health of Serra, Bernadette Coelho, explained that all deaths registered in the municipality are being investigated by a commission.

“There have been five deaths. The committee is investigating the patient’s medical records during antenatal care in the health unit and hospital, making home visits and analyzing the death verification services report. The medical records have already been analyzed, but the report is missing a death verification service that will explain the causes of death.” Death “.

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Bernadette added that according to the investigation, some of the children had already arrived at the hospital dead.

“Some of these deaths are stillbirth, patients who arrive at the hospital and the fetal heartbeat is not heard. This means that the heart is no longer beating,” he said.

The Secretary of State for Health said the state’s health monitoring has already been activated and will conduct the hospital’s health check.

What do those involved say?

In a note, the Regional Nursing Council of Espirito Santo (Corin-S) said it had received the request from MPES and informed that it would take appropriate measures to investigate possible irregularities in nursing services.

Due to the deaths of the four children at the newly opened hospital, the Regional Council of Medicine of Espirito Santo (CRM-ES) said that an examination of the unit was scheduled in the next few days.

“The council’s decision to inspect the hospital also meets the request of the State Prosecutor’s Office from the CRM-ES department, as well as other oversight and monitoring bodies, to inspect the unit,” the entity said in a note.

Santa Casa de Misericordia de Vitoria said the opening of the investigation is important to investigate the case and also to show that practices in the hospital environment are the most appropriate for each case. Santa Casa also stressed that the Public Prosecution Office is available to provide all the necessary information.