June 23, 2024

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FMS begins influenza vaccination on day 4 in the elderly and health professionals

FMS begins influenza vaccination on day 4 in the elderly and health professionals

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The Municipal Health Foundation (FMS) in Teresina has already organized the logistics for the start of influenza vaccination in the capital, which begins on the fourth. The target audience at the start of the campaign is the elderly and active health professionals.

Attention to dates: April 4, 5 and 6 will be the time to vaccinate for seniors aged 80 and over. On the seventh, eighth, and ninth, seniors aged 75 and over must transition into jobs. The eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth will be the turn of those aged 70 and over. Days 14, 15 and 16 Older adults 65 years of age and older should take the dose. Seniors aged 60 or over have between April 18-20 to ensure immunization.

Elderly people in driving mode will be vaccinated through: Center for Arts and Unified Sports (CEU) Norte, Levermento Terminal, Buenos Aires Terminal, Piauí Park Terminal and Zobotanical Station.

“On the trips, in addition to the influenza vaccination, we will also vaccinate the same population of elderly people against Covid (the fourth dose),” explains Emmanuel Dias, coordinator of the vaccination campaign.

Active health workers will be vaccinated in the workplace (if there is a vaccine room there and with prior communication from the FMS to pass the logistics related to the application of doses and registration in the system).

Professionals who work in places where there is no vaccine room will be able to schedule a vaccination appointment (more details will be revealed soon by the FMS). In addition to the flu vaccine, the VTV (trivalent viral) vaccine will also be offered to professionals who do not have a full vaccination schedule.

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  • April 4-6: Seniors aged 80 or over;
  • April 7-9: Seniors aged 75 and over;
  • April 11-13: Seniors aged 70 or over;
  • April 14-16: Seniors 65 years of age or older;
  • April 18-20: Seniors aged 60 or over.


  • Center for the Arts and Sports Unified (CEU) North;
  • survival station
  • Buenos Aires station;
  • Piaui Park Station;
  • Zoobotanical station.

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