May 18, 2024

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China firmly opposes the US-Taiwan trade deal

China firmly opposes the US-Taiwan trade deal

Taipei is excluded from the Indo-Pacific Treaty. A partnership between Al Jazeera and Washington was signed on Wednesday (June 1).

The China opposing “definitely” of the trade agreement between United State And the Taiwan. This was stated by the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Gao Feng, on Thursday (June 2, 2022).

“The United States should treat trade and economic relations with Taiwan wisely to avoid sending the wrong message to Taiwanese separatists.”And the advertiser Feng during a conversation with reporters.

On Wednesday, June 1, the United States and Taiwan announced a trade partnership called The US-Taiwan Initiative on Twenty-first Century Trade. The agreement was signed after Taipei (the capital of Taiwan) was excluded from North American Agreement The Indo-Pacific region, which included 12 Indo-Asian countries.

Hours after the initiative was announced, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army coordinated a standby patrol About Taiwan to answer “trick” Between the United States and Taipei, the military said.

Referring to the purpose of the agreement, Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chan said the island An indispensable position in the global supply chain.

[O acordo] Making the United States realize the importance of strengthening economic and trade relations with our country [Taiwan]Zeng Chan said. In the face of the war in Ukraine, ‘Taiwan’s importance is becoming clearer’Prime Minister said.

In late May, during a visit to Japan, Joe Biden She said she would defend Taiwan militarily In the event of the Chinese invasion.