September 22, 2023

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In Colombia, 14 miners arrested after an explosion knocked out a mine |  Globalism

In Colombia, 14 miners arrested after an explosion knocked out a mine | Globalism

Since Monday (30), 14 miners have been trapped in a coal mine in Zulia city in Colombia, because an explosion blocked the way out of the place. The accident occurred due to the accumulation of gases.

The government is trying to remove workers from the site. “We are up by 70% in terms of distance from the point where the workers are supposed to be located,” said Catalina Jorge, who is leading the search for the state-owned National Mining Agency (ANM).

About 50 rescuers are trying to descend 200 meters underground to find the trapped miners. Georgie thinks they will arrive on Thursday.

“We are looking for people in the hope that they might be alive,” said the rescue official. “But it was a very powerful explosion as there were very high temperatures, very high pressures and high concentrations of carbon monoxide.”

The cause of the accident is still under investigation. Currently, the main hypothesis is that the methane concentration inside the mine caused the explosion, subsequent fire, and collapse, according to John Olivares, secretary of mines in Norte de Santander, the department in which the city of Zulia is located.

One of the workers who was outside the pit at the time of the accident died on Wednesday from his severe injuries. The victim was the person responsible for towing the incoming wagons loaded with coal.

Olivares said the “explosion and fire from the shaft” had reached the outer tower.

According to Olivares, the mine “has permissions to operate”, although it was suspended on March 27, 2021 due to another accident that kept it closed until May this year.

The ministry official emphasized that reopening “is one of the questions we have to ask the National Mining Agency once this rescue phase is completed.”

The Colombia Last year, 148 deaths in mining accidents were recorded. Oil and crude are the country’s main exports.

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