May 20, 2024

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China reports first Covid-19 death in over a year |  Corona Virus

China reports first Covid-19 death in over a year | Corona Virus

The China On Saturday (19), it recorded the first death from the Covid-19 virus since then January 2021. Two people have died in China’s northeastern Jilin Province, bringing the total number of coronavirus deaths in the country to 4,638.

The authorities said the deaths were of elderly people – one aged 87 and the other 65 – who already had other health problems. According to the declaration, the immediate cause of death was pre-existing diseases; Covid symptoms were mild. None of the victims was vaccinated.

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The China Lives the worst outbreak of Covid since the end of 2019, when the epidemic began. Since the beginning of March, 29,000 cases of the disease have been recorded in the country. Nearly 30 million people have been quarantined This week to contain the rise in cases (See the video above).

Jilin Province, where the deaths were recorded, is close to North Korea and gives RussiaIt had nearly 80% of the 2,228 new confirmed cases of Covid in the country on Friday (18).

Several countries and territories in Asia and Europe have reported outbreaks of COVID-19:

On Thursday (17), A South Korea It also saw the registration of cases: 621,328. However, the report found that nearly 87% of the population got two shots of the vaccine and nearly 90% of those aged 60 and over had the booster vaccine, the country is moving forward with easing social distancing and restrictions at the border . ” The New York Times “.

in Europe , Austria announced on Friday (18) that it will demand again Utilization PFF2 Masks At home, after the number of cases increased. According to the monitoring of “Our World in Data” linked to Oxford universitythe country recorded the highest moving average of new cases per million inhabitants in Europe last week.