May 24, 2024

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The Chinese called the traitor to support Ukraine

The Chinese called the traitor to support Ukraine

Chinese programmer wang Jixian He became a voice of resistance in Ukraine when he posted videos of his whereabouts To inform his parents that he was right in the midst of the Russian invasion of the eastern European country.

everything It started on February 24, the first day of the invasionwhen Jixian posted a clip on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, to describe how things were normal despite the impending war.

“I don’t understand how you ‘betrayed’ the country,” Wang told CNN.

Photo: Playback / YouTube

He says in the video, “I just got back from grocery shopping.”

But as the days passed, the Russian attack on Ukraine increased. When he entered the Duane River, Jixian said he saw the Chinese people praising the Russian forces or supporting the invasion.

“I got really crazy, so I thought I’d record videos of them and tell them what the real battlefield is,” he told CNN.

Soon he started to be active on several social media apps like YouTube and the Chinese messaging app WeChat where They started posting videos to raise awareness of the war.

His efforts paid off and he quickly gained momentum by offering an independent perspective on the war, in contrast to the Chinese media that had been publishing Russian claims to overthrow the “Nazi regime” prevailing in Eastern Europe.

In one of the videos, the man holds his Chinese passport and says, “These Ukrainian guards are not Nazis, they are IT programmers, ordinary people, barbers – these are the people,” CNN reported.

However, his rise to fame was soon followed by critics who criticized him for failing to align with Chinese views, going so far as to call him a “national traitor”.

According to CNN, a critic told Douyin’s Jixian, “You don’t need the Chinese passport anymore, you’ve already forgotten which country you are from,” adding, “The country’s official position should be that of all Chinese.”

China remains neutral, Ukraine demands a stand

Despite facing global pressure, China has so far taken a neutral stance In the Russo-Ukrainian war, he said, “Moscow’s legitimate security concerns” should be taken seriously.

There have been reports that China has sent military and economic aid to Russia – which Beijing denies.

Today, Presidential Adviser Volodymyr Zelensky said on his personal account on Twitter: “China can be the important component of the global security system if it makes the right decision to support the coalition of civilized countries and condemn Russian barbarism. An opportunity to sit at the table equally. The West should explain to Beijing how $1.6 trillion is different from $150 billion.”

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