September 28, 2023

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Ciro reports that Duvivir has Zelensky syndrome

Ciro reports that Duvivir has Zelensky syndrome

Yesterday, former presidential candidate Ciro Gomez (PDT) refuted criticism of Gregorio Duvivier and compared the comedian to the president of Ukraine, saying he suffers from “Zelensky’s syndrome”.

“Although I know the genre well, [humor]I did not know this particular variant, in fact, it is more than a variant, it is a fictitious embodiment of a character, which I will respectfully call the Zelensky syndrome ”, compared Ciro.

Before Zelensky became president, he was a very popular comedian there in Ukraine, this popularity eventually led him to the presidency of Ukraine. As he defends his country on the battlefield, here on the other side of the world, from the comfort of air conditioning and ice cream, apart from other extras, there are people who believe that being short and a comedian like Zelensky is enough to be a statesman, or rather a savior of the homeland or a chief adviser Republic. Ciro Gomez in live broadcast on social networks

Ciro gave a live broadcast for about an hour last night on the humorous show “Greg News,” which was presented by Gregorio Duvivier and shown on HBO. The last episode aired on Friday (13). Supporters of the pedestrians called to vote for former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (Labour) in the first round of this year’s elections.

The former minister invited the comedian on social media to a discussion. Duvier agreed, but I couldn’t come yesterdayBecause, according to him, his program is recorded every Tuesday for a period of five years.

Yesterday, the presidential office said that both were trying to determine a possible date for the meeting.

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to respond to UOLDuvivier described Ciro’s speech as “sad”. “Ciro now treats me as a candidate, and he has to do that because no candidate wants to argue with him. He’s tired of talking to himself, he calls the comedian to fight. It’s really sad.”