June 16, 2024

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Compare the game on PS4 and PS5

Compare the game on PS4 and PS5

A continuation of the Aloy series will be released on February 18, but a number of media outlets have already managed to get to the title. In this way, the comparison of gameplay Forbidden horizon west in versions PS4and PS4 Pro and PS5 It has already started spreading on the web.

the channel ElAnalistaDeBits, from YouTube, how the sequel plays on consoles. As expected, the PlayStation 5 shows better results in terms of load times, textures and frame rate, but the adventure, it seems, will not disappoint you on the PlayStation 4. See:

More on the Horizon Forbidden West comparison

The first point highlighted in the Horizon Forbidden West comparison was the decision. The game runs at 1080p/30fps on PS4, 1800p/30fps on PS4 Pro, and 4K/30fps on PS5 – where there’s also an 1800p/60FPS mode. Then the new generation of devices has a huge advantage in loading, thanks to the SSD. paying off:

  • PS5: 13 seconds;
  • PS4 Pro: 1 minute 4 seconds;
  • PS4: 1 minute 20 seconds;

Guerrilla Games’ interest in creating Crossgen is most evident when comparing the effects of shadows, lighting, and textures. One proof of quality is when Aloy’s video appears in the game’s aquatic environments.

Horizon Forbidden West PS4 vs PS5 comparison

Even in scenarios where a battle against multiple machines takes place, the FPS remains stable. However, a small drop was introduced in the scenes. Apparently, the Forbidden West experience will be fun for everyone.

The Horizon Forbidden West comparison is more technical and hardware-oriented, but if you need a broader view, read our review of the title. access here!

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