June 22, 2024

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Martha is Dead: The horror game is censored for PS4 and PS5

Martha is Dead: The horror game is censored for PS4 and PS5

The long awaited psychological thriller Martha diedscheduled for release at the end of February this year, content has been blocked from platforms Playstation 4 And PlayStation 5.

Publisher Wired Productions confirmed the censorship in an official message posted to Twitter, without describing exactly what kind of scene or gameplay it was taken from the console version of the game. Sony. However, in responses to the tweet, the community posted an excerpt from the heavy content that may have been one of the company’s goals.

The game takes place in Italy in the 1940s and puts you in the shoes of a young woman who wants to find out what happened to her sister.

In the statement, the company emphasized that the game is “recommended for adults only” and that it has “always been open and honest about its content. Martha diedShe has been constantly communicating with the media since 2019 about sensitive topics at stake.” In addition, she says all recommendations notes about having “uncomfortable scenes and topics that may be disturbing.”

The mod was ordered by Sony weeks before the game’s release, on February 24, and so the physical release for the company’s platforms has to be delayed – although it remains the same in content, including gifts and bonus content.

The Xbox and PC version of the game are not affected and will be released on the same date without any kind of cuts.