May 30, 2024

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Compra Fora import service suspension jobs that brought products from the USA

Compra Fora import service suspension jobs that brought products from the USA

Correios launched Compra Fora, a service that allows items to be purchased in the United States and delivered in Brazil, In January 2019. But by the way, everyone who wants to import foreign products will need to choose another company, without explaining why, the state-owned company stopped the service and did not give a return.

In its first year of operation, Compra Fora handled more than R$1.6 million in imports and recorded 35,000 entries. platform that already Crawled in connection with the competition, Via Changes that have left many customers unsatisfied.

Compra Fora was suspended a few days ago, and on the official website of the service there is a notice that says “We inform you that the offer of the Compra Fora service has been temporarily suspended”. However, the same communication confirms that the purchases sent to the recipient will be delivered normally. Operations cost simulator keeps working weird.

However, the reason for the suspension and a possible return date for Compra Fora have not been communicated. A statement by Correios via email indicates that the service could be reworked or, in the worst case, permanently terminated:

With the acceleration of e-commerce that has occurred in recent years, not only has the market changed, but the society as well. New expectations have culminated in new challenges, as companies around the world have been modernized to deliver solutions that meet the demands of their customers. This dynamic, of course, makes some products obsolete, while introducing new alternatives.

In an effort to focus on priority market needs, we inform you that Compra Fora service is temporarily suspended. For your convenience, Compra Fora will continue to operate normally until September 30, 2021, when you can complete purchases you may have started. Requests that are already in the process of being sent to the recipient will be processed without interruption.

Have you ever used Compra Fora dos Correios? What do you think about this news?