May 25, 2024

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Concerned about removal, Jade is scammed and considered a fake wall at BBB 22 TV News

Concerned about removal, Jade is scammed and considered a fake wall at BBB 22 TV News

on the hot seat BBB 22Jade Picon raised the possibility of him being removed from the game for going through a false wall. At dawn on Tuesday (8), digital influencer Linn da Quebrada and Jessilane Alves breathed, Which is also in the danger zone. “Imagine how annoying it is [sair]’, she evaluated.

During a conversation outside the house, the sisters hung on the hot seat at that time, which also happened Arthur Agyar. Once again, the players mentioned that Tuesday’s elimination chance is bogus. “I only hope it’s fake if I’m going to leave. Imagine how annoying it is [sair]. Liu Bacon’s sister commented, “I’m just waiting.”

Then Lin mentioned that he’s rooting for permanence Smell She stressed that she would be surprised if Jiseilan To be excluded from the competition for a prize of 1.5 million Brazilian riyals. About Arthur, the singer saw: “He is transparent.”

“But is this exciting? Is it cool to see?” asked the digital influencer. Lin immediately replied, “I don’t know, I don’t know what reading is, we only see it through our own voices.”

Earlier, on the fourth lollipop, Jade explained why she insisted on nominating Arthur for a third time:

I don’t want to disappoint anyone outside watching me. How lame would it be for people to watch me get up out of the blue, sitting in a chair, knowing that the big phone was going to ring, and the moment I answered, I would grab someone else? For people, for the game, for yourself. What would you look like if you answered and pulled another person?

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