May 28, 2024

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BBB 22 Makes Tadeu Schmidt Suppose an 'Out of Hours' Ritual

BBB 22 Makes Tadeu Schmidt Suppose an ‘Out of Hours’ Ritual

Since he took over BBB 22 (Globe)Tadeu Schmidt has taken on an additional ritual associated with Brazil’s most-watched house: promoting a daily roundtable around reality show events. On this Monday (7), the journalist detailed the new habit, which is always practiced after the live programme.

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“Once the show is over, my wife and two daughters and I make a video conference call to comment on everything that happened. Every day. This is something I will hold in my memory forever, a connection with my family in a very nice and fun way. It’s a Schmidt family round table once the BBB is over, so good !”, Schmidt said in an interview that Globo sent to the press.

On Monday, the current season reached the halfway point, and the presenter stated that he is still excited and happy about the challenge: “The same delivery that I received in the beginning, I am facing now. What I didn’t have before I started on the show was the experience, and now I have very incredible and rich experiences. , with many lessons. The BBB is intense, so it seems like a lot more than 50 days ago, which is curious.”

The presenter also stated that no outsider could imagine how “being at the BBB is different from just watching the show.” “No matter what position you’re in, whether it’s giving a reality show, getting involved at home, or being part of a team.” Just being here to find out “It’s a cliché, but it’s true. It really is a unique experience. As a presenter I was surprised too. I imagined it would be a very powerful and very powerful experience, and it is a very special one.”

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With an extensive career in sports, Schmidt received praise from the public for his novels during reality tests, and the journalist admitted that one of his goals was to bring this sports language into the entertainment program.

“After all, BBB is a competition and competition is a kind of sport that happens there. And I like this part because it’s narratives of competitions we’re not used to watching, and it’s not common. Not even Everaldo Marquez who collects narratives of different sports, he never told, for example, Assembling the sandwiches as I told (laughs). It’s so much fun!”

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