May 30, 2024

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Corinthians beat Bahia when Phil returns to the field and sleeps in G4 for the Brazilians

Corinthians beat Bahia when Phil returns to the field and sleeps in G4 for the Brazilians

With Fiel returning to the Neo Química Arena, Corinthians hosted Bahia, in Itaquera, in the 24th round of Brazil. Parque São Jorge won 3-1 and scored goals by Roger Guedes, Cantelo and Joe.

The team was left behind on the scoreboard after Gilberto converted a penalty kick by Lucas Peyton. Timão tied in the first stage additions, also from a penalty kick, with Róger Guedes. For the second stage, Corinthians got another one on the field, as Lucas Araujo ended up sending off a penalty kick for Corinthians.

In the second half, Corinthians did not take long to turn the score. Cantelo took advantage of a free kick from Wagner and hit the net. Sylvinho’s team also reached the third goal with striker Joe.

With the victory, Corinthians sleep in the G4 in Brasileirão. The team has not entered the rankings area in the table since October 2019. To maintain the position, Timão needs to make it into a trip from Fortaleza against Fluminense on Wednesday.

Write it down, believer! Corinthians’ next match in the Brazilian League will be held on Saturday. Sylvinho visits Team Sports, 4:30 p.m., at Ilha do Retiro for the 25th round of the competition.

Lined up

Coach Sylvinho made only one change regarding the Red Bull Bragantino match last Saturday. Fabio Santos replaced young Lucas Peyton, who last played in a 1-1 draw with Fluminense, on June 27 this year.

  • Thus, the Corinthians went into the field with: Cassius. Wagner, Joao Victor, Gil and Lucas Peyton; Cantello, Giuliano and Renato Augusto; Gabriel Pereira, Willian and Roger Geddes.

My Timon

On the other hand, Bahia de Diego Dubov entered the field without Rodaliga and Rodrigoinho at the side. The team was selected with: Mateus Klose. Nino Paraíba, Gustavo Enrique, Luiz Ottavio and Juninho Capixaba; Lucas Araujo, Patrick, Daniel and Mugni; Toni Anderson and Gilberto.

the game

First time

In the first minute of the match, Nino Paraíba advanced from the right and presented the ball in the area. Wagner controlled the ball in the chest area and took it to the finish line before being exposed to an attacking error. As a result, Corinthians began to respond and began to pass the ball into the attacking area.

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In the third minute, Wagner tried to pass a ball into the goal line for Giuliano, but he ended up with a very difficult time. In the next minute, Gabriel Pereira was fouled at the entrance to the area. Wagner raised the ball in Bahia’s penalty area, and Joao Victor headed it, but the ball passed over the goal of Mateusz Klaus.

It didn’t take Willian long to make an appearance in the match. In six minutes, Timão’s No. 10 shirt was released from the left side and pulled into the middle and hit the goal. Defender Gustavo Henrique stopped the low kick.

Corinthians followed the first minutes of the match with greater possession of the ball, acting mainly on the offensive field. Sylvinho’s side struggled a bit due to Bahia’s good control, which left few spaces for goal attempts. At twelve, Roger Geddes picked it up on the left side, at the edge of the area, and dashed over the mark. The 123rd shirt was cut to the middle and hit, but the shot was weak and it was easy for Mateus Klose to block.

On the 14th, Juninho Capixaba was overthrown by Gabriel Pereira near the Corinthians. Bahia’s player took the kick, but the cross pass into the second post was too powerful and passed the ball straight across the finish line.

In the 21st minute, it was Renato Augusto’s turn to open the scoring for Corinthians. The GP made a good move to the right and found Renato entering the area. The number 8 shirt arrived for the kick, but he grabbed the ball poorly and sent it out.

Almost 30 minutes later, Gilberto received a cross in the Corinthians region. The player fell to the ground in the row with Lucas Peyton pointing and complaining about a penalty kick. The referee ordered the match to continue Through the video assistant referee, he scored the penalty kick for Bahia. The opponent’s shirt No. 9 hit the left corner of Casio and opened the scoring in Itakera.

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Corinthians tried to strike back with Róger Guedes at 37. Timão’s 123rd jersey fouled directly on goal, but she veered off the barrier and passed very close, but over the goal.

After the 44th minute of play, Willian and Fagner made a good move on the right flank. The number 10 jersey advanced through the middle, made a backboard and hit the goal. The ball deflected and entered the corner. On the kick, Gabriel Pereira put it in the middle of the area and Jill headed it, but the ball went out.

The referee gave three minutes of extras and in the first, Punishment for Corinth. Giuliano received the ball in the area, kicked and hit Lucas Araujo. The ball exploded in the arm of the steering wheel, which, for having a yellow card, was sent off the field. Roger Geddes hit the right corner and converted, tie for Timao. Thus, the team from Parque São Jorge went to the first half 1-1 on the scoreboard.


Needing to turn the game around in order to have a chance to enter G4 and with one more on the field, Sylvinho came back from the break with one change: midfielder Willian left the field to enter striker Jô.

Six minutes into the match, Gabriel Pereira advanced on the right side and Juninho Capixaba made a mistake on the 38 shirt. Wagner hit a good kick, lifting the ball into the area. Defensive midfielder Cantelo stepped up alone and managed to header into the goal, turning the result into Parque São Jorge’s team..

In the 13th minute, Roger Geddes brought Giuliano to the left and found Joe on the edge of the area. Shirt number 77 is the centerpiece of shirt 11, which rolled the mark and hit the goal. Mateusz Klaus saved the ball and made a rebound for Gabriel Pereira, but the 38th shirt could not finish.

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Two minutes later, Renato Augusto advanced over the finish line and crossed the area in search of Joe. The central striker tried to surrender but could not reach the ball.

At the age of 21, Gabriel Pereira appeared well on the right and a thread in the middle. Róger Guedes was hitting the left side, but the GP shot from the edge of the area, but was blocked by Mateus Klaus.

Timon’s third goal came from Joe’s feet! At 23, Gabriel Pereira advanced on the right and hit from outside the area. Rebounding, Joe arrived alone, and the ball exploded off the crossbar and went into Matthews Close’s goal. The flag was indicating an offside position, but the move was reviewed by VAR and later confirmed.

With 3-1 on the scoreboard and one more on the field, Sylvinho made the second change in Corinthians in the 31st minute of the second stage. Coach Cantelo, Timon’s second top scorer, drew and put Gabriel, who had returned from suspension, on the field. Two more changes were made at the age of thirty-five: Adson and Luan replaced Róger Guedes and Renato Augusto.

Midfielder Luan risked a shot on the edge of the box 39 minutes into the second half. The 7 jersey had Alfinegro holding the reserve and pulled to the right before hitting, but ended up stopping in a defense that fell Matthews Klaus to make the defense.

At 42, Sylvinho made another change to Timão: Gustavo Mosquito replaced Gabriel Pereira. With two minutes on the court, the jersey received 19 hits in the face after Juninho Capixaba cut his side.

The referee gave four minutes of injury time. At 47, after a corner kick from Wagner, Gill raised his head, forcing Mateusz Klaus to a good save. Thus, the scoreboard already knew their final numbers: Corinthians 3-1, Metamorphosis, on top of Bahia.

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