July 20, 2024

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Corona virus transmission rate rises to 1.78 in Brazil, according to Imperial College |  Corona Virus

Corona virus transmission rate rises to 1.78 in Brazil, according to Imperial College | Corona Virus

The transmission rate of the coronavirus in Brazil has increased to 1,78 This week, according to Imperial College London. It’s the country’s highest since at least July 2020. last week , The index was at 1.35 ..

The Imperial College Brazil Index has not been calculated since mid-December 2021, due to data blackout in the Ministry of Health.

In practical terms, the rate of 1.78 means that every 100 infected people transmit the virus to another 178. Given the margin of error in the statistics, this rate could be higher (up to 1.94) or lower (up to 1.61). In these scenarios, every 100 people infects 194 or 161 more people with the virus, respectively.

The “infection rate”, denoted by Rt, is a number that translates the probability of spreading the disease: when it is greater than 1, each infected person transmits the disease to more than one person and the disease progresses. When it is smaller, it retracts.

Brazil: moving average record

On Monday (24), Brazil recorded 90,509 new cases of COVID-19 within 24 hours, bringing a total of 24,134,946 confirmed diagnoses since the beginning of the epidemic. So the moving average of cases in the last 7 days is 150,236 – Highest mark recorded to date and seventh record distinction in a row. Compared to the mean 14 days ago, the variance was +241%, indicating an upward trend in disease incidence.

New graves opened at a cemetery in Antonino, Poland, on January 11, 2022, amid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic (Photo: Kakbar Pemble/Reuters)

World: highest daily death rate in 4 months

The world has reached the highest level Average daily death toll from Covid-19 in 4 monthsAccording to data from Our World in Data, a project associated with the University of Oxford.

The data also shows that the moving average of new cases broke a record for the seventh consecutive day and exceeded 3.4 million infected daily in the past seven days.

The world recorded a daily average of 8,209 deaths on Monday (24), the highest level since September 24, 2021 (when the moving average was 8,358 – and on a declining path).

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