October 2, 2023

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Could Brazil run out of diesel fuel? I understand Petrobras’ warning to the government

Last Thursday (26th), Petrobras sent a letter to the Brazilian government to formalize the alert for possible diesel shortages across the country. The news is not new to the president and his ministers. Therefore, the government team cannot claim a lack of knowledge of the problem, or even hold the responsibility on the shoulders of the government company, if the crisis continues.

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Diesel shortage in Brazil: Understand Petrobras’ warning to the government

In short, Petrobras’ advisers said they were puzzled by the government’s lack of movement. This is said because so far the government does not have a contingency plan for a possible diesel shortage in Brazil. For Petrobras, one of the reasons for the rise in diesel prices in the market is the scarcity of fuel.

According to Petrobras’ forecast, pumps may run out from the third quarter of this year. During this period, the demand for diesel increases, both in Brazil and the United States. This happens due to the rise in grain exports throughout the country. Therefore, the crisis can directly affect the GDP of Brazil.

The situation is already prolonged as truck drivers are complaining about rising diesel prices. And now, things are getting worse with transparency regarding the diesel stock in the market. For Wallace Landim, president of the Brazilian Motorists’ Association (Abrava), there is still no shortage of diesel from Brazil on a large scale. However, the situation is worrying.

Meanwhile, the president of the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom), Sergio Araujo, said that what worries Brazil is the price gap. In addition, the lack of predictability is another complicating factor.

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