June 23, 2024

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CPF in CSN?  The deadline to apply for Nota Legal credit begins

CPF in CSN? The deadline to apply for Nota Legal credit begins

Consumers participating in legal memorandum programin the Federal District, can apply for Redeem credits for cash As of Tuesday, the 5th, the deadline for notifying a bank account to deposit is until July 31.

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The taxpayer can choose a digital account, which is new to this year’s initiative. To request a transfer, it is necessary that you have at least 25 BRL of accumulated balance.

The program also offers sweepstakes prizes, and the winners are informed through Legal Note Portal. DF’s Department of Economics also sends emails to award-winning participants informing them of the award.

All registered consumers who report a CPF on the bill participate at the time of purchase, as long as they do not have debts with the Federal Revenue Service. For the composition of the credit balance, which is valid for two years, purchases made up to February are considered.

Nota Legal makes it possible to redeem a portion of ICMS and ISS paid by institutions, as well as participate in annual raffles. Credits can be withdrawn in cash or written off at property tax or in value added tax.

District management estimates that 1.3 million consumers are currently enrolled, with 70,000 entering the program in the past 12 months alone.

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