May 26, 2024

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Crisis – Abinadar says international plan to help Haiti

President Louis Abinader has called on the international community to devise a plan and act more aggressively for Haiti in the wake of last Wednesday’s assassination of President Joanel Moss.

“The international community must have a more radical approach than it is now; they must devise a plan for that situation for the benefit of the Haitians,” he said of the assassination.

The reports were made during a visit to the Sixth Battalion of Hunters at the castle of the municipality of Constance in the province of La Vega. Over the weekend the President carried out different planned activities in the municipalities of Constanta and Zaragoza.

Ask for help
He further added that Haitian authorities did not seek the assistance of the Dominican Republic to co-operate with the investigation, but reiterated its support through mediators without directly participating in the investigation.

“Our position was very clear. At one point the opposition asked us to mediate and we told them we would make the place easier and we would help, but for obvious reasons our country cannot enter directly into the investigation,” the president said while opening a park.

Gate construction
In about three months, the president hopes to begin construction of the perimeter fence on the Dominican-Haitian border that divides the two countries.

He pointed out that the work was in the process of being auctioned off and that it should be completed in the coming weeks after the necessary steps have been taken by the Procurement and Contract Act.

Border security
He promised that the border would be “completely secured and calm” despite the tense situation in Haiti. “Dominicans should not feel any fear or anxiety,” the president added.

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Abinader congratulated members of the military on their work on the border to defend the Dominican Territory after the assassination of Haitian President Joanel Moss

“I know what they are doing at this time of protecting the border in the face of the situation in the neighboring country,” he said.

The head of state said he had no information about the Colombians who were allegedly involved in the killings and what was going on across the country.

President Abinader recalled that the country has an agreement with Colombia to avoid the need for visitor visas for both countries.

The president’s first activity was the opening of La Confluncia Park in Zaragoza with Tourism Minister David Collado.

In the so-called “La Confluncia”, the rivers Jimenez and Yac del Norde join together after traveling separately between the city’s mountains, connecting their streams into a single stream.

Abinader announced that the construction of the Quake Highway would be included in the 2022 budget so that visitors have more access to the municipality.

He pointed out that they are making arrangements to upgrade the Zaragoza Center in conjunction with the Neighborhood and Environment Rehabilitation (URPE) operational unit.

Finish the work
The President pointed out that completing tasks that were not completed in the previous administration was one of the priorities of his government.

“It is a policy of the government to monitor construction work, one of them (La Confluncia); it is a continuation of the government,” Abinader said.

“Bad weather forced Republican President Louis Abinader to return by land this Sunday after he finished his agenda in the municipality of Constance,” the president said in a statement.

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