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Maduro’s dictatorship kidnapped opposition deputy Freddie Guevara

Maduro’s dictatorship kidnapped opposition deputy Freddie Guevara

Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship abducts opposition Freddie Guevara on Monday. The politician, who warned of what was going to happen, recorded the moment before Savista was arrested by security forces.

This fact was condemned by Juan Guida’s wife, Fabiana Rosales, on her Twitter account. “Maduro’s regime is currently detaining Deputy Freddie Guevara”, He wrote on the social network.

He was traveling in an enemy van when regime security forces stopped his vehicle on an avenue in Caracas, Venezuela. They then took the politician to the iconic building Helicoid in the Venezuelan capital.

After his arrest, the Ivan Duke government denied this fact: “The Foreign Ministry, on behalf of the Colombian government, rejects the arbitrary detention of Freddie Guevara, the leader of the popular will, by the Nicolas Maduro regime. We demand guarantees for his life and his immediate release. “

“Similarly, the government rejects the persecution of interim President Juan Guide and his close associates. The international community must demand an end to these arbitrary acts and the release of all political prisoners. Our solidarity with Venezuela!The Colombian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its Twitter account.

Guevara was pardoned by a presidential decree on August 31 and left the Chilean embassy in Caracas on September 9, after being charged with inciting anti-government protests the same year, and took refuge on November 4, 2017.

I decided to stay in my country despite all these problems, knowing that we are in a dictatorial regime and they have a chance to arrest me againL ”, said the politician during a live broadcast, when a policeman touched the windshield of a truck and heard it.

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Before the exchange was cut off, he added: “I tell all of you that I am going to go, no matter how oppressive the regime may be, I still believe that this is the path to achieving a national salvation agreement. It may be paradoxical.

Photo by Freddie Guevara, a member of the Organizing Committee of Celebrity Advisory, during a press conference in Caracas, Venezuela today. EFE / Rayner Peña

At the same time that Guevara was being detained, Hood men with long guns entered Juan Gaida’s home.

Fae officers are at my house and they entered my apartment. Maduro’s regime wants to arrest President Juan Guide“The interim president’s wife denounced him on his Twitter account.

“We condemn Venezuela and the world of chickens Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship besieges the house of President Juan GuideFor its part, the opposition denounced it on its Twitter account.

The opposition condemned to the international community the new repressive regime of the Savista regime against Kayte and other politicians.

UN Commissioner Miguel Pizarro has condemned Guevara’s arrest He was pleased that international organizations were aware and documented the abuses committed by the Maduro regime.

“Recently, at the UN Human Rights Council, it was reiterated that democracy is on the rise in Venezuela. Dictatorship continues to increase its abuse of power, intimidation and persecution. Today the regime is attacking Freddie Guevara again, ”Pizarro wrote on his Twitter account.

The moment the regime forces leave Juan Qaeda's home.
The moment the regime forces leave Juan Qaeda’s home.

Guevara, closest to Quito, was mentioned this Saturday by executive vice president Delcy Rodriguez., During his presentation with Interior Minister Carmen Melandes on the shooting that devastated part of western Caracas last week.

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In it, he cites a tweet posted by Guevara during clashes between criminal gangs and police that paralyzed part of life in the western part of the capital between Wednesday and Friday.

What has the National Salvation Agreement got to do with this mega drama taking place in Caracas with the armed gangs Apur and Arco Minero? Everything: Only a political agreement recognized by the international community can regain territorial control of the country, ”the former legislator said.

The arrest of the politician happens later Ruling party leaders and Venezuela’s opposition met with EU (EU) election experts last Friday. Currently one in the country to evaluate Possible observation in the upcoming regional elections, Confirmed the parties.

“We have had a good and fruitful meeting with members of the EU Election Monitoring Scout Mission. We have calculated the broad election guarantees in view of the elections. ” On November 21, George Rodriguez, the leader of the government-controlled parliament, wrote on his Twitter account.

Among the participating leaders were Guevara and Telsa Solarzano, close and allies of Guida. The man, who planned a meeting with the European election mission this weekend, confirmed AFP A source close to the opponent.

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