September 30, 2023

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Cuiabá x Ceará for Brasileirão: Watch it live - play

Cuiabá x Ceará for Brasileirão: Watch it live – play

a car visit cuiaba This Saturday (18), at 19:00, by Round 13 of 2022 Brazilian League. The match will be in Pantanal Square, in Cuiabá (MT) and could take Vozão to the G-8 to compete at the end of the round. Fuzao is currently 15th with 15 points, but with a win, he can reach 7th at the end of the round.

Ceará game today; Check it out directly

Follow the best moments of the game

First time

0-15 minutes:

The match started a bit, very tight in midfield, but little by little Ciara started to fall back.

With the participation of Yuri Castillo, Fernando Sobral and Kleiber, Fuzao created the first chances, first with Sobral’s strike from outside the area, then Cuiaba’s defense blocked Kleber’s attempt.

Cuiaba responded by calling in Osorio and hitting the ball wide.

15-30 minutes:

Ciara continued better, with more possession of the ball and regional control of the match, but the attempts to attack were inaccurate, especially the cross passes looking for Kleber.

And the host team, Cuiaba, could not fit in a counterattack match.

30-45 minutes:

Leading on the field, Vovô continued the game’s initiative and was closer to the goal in the final stretch of the first half.

First, Kleber played on the right, cross and before the ball reached Castillo, Walter got the ball.

And at the best opportunity, Bruno Pacheco received it in the 38th minute at the entrance to the penalty area and finished the ball at the post.


0-15 minutes

The final stage started with Ciara trying to score, but Eric sent it off a minute into the match.

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But after the initial chance, Cuyaba grew into the game. Approaching the Ciara area, Dorado was dangerous, and had the best chance with Camilo, in the blows.

15-30 minutes

With entries from Geovane, Lima and Matheus Peixoto, Ceará tried to balance the game and succeeded.

Vovô had more possession of the ball and more pressure, even without the intensity of the first half.

On the 17th, Lima greeted at the entrance to the district and sealed the defense.

Cuiaba responded with Valdivia and Elton entries, and became even more dangerous, with the White and White’s defense able to disarm well.

Game guesses

Cuiaba squad against Ciara:


  • Walter, Joao Lucas, Marlon, Joachim, Owendel, Camilo, Rafael Java, Osorio, André Luis, André and Felipe Marquez. Coach: Antonio Oliveira


  • Joao Ricciardo, Michel McDoux, Messias, Luiz Ottavio, Bruno Pacheco, Richardson, Rodrigo Lindoso, Fernando Sobral, Eric, Iori Castillo and Kleber. Coach: Marquinhos Santos.

How does the sound come?

after, after Draw 0-0 in Castellaoin the artist’s first appearance Marquinhos Santos, Vozão has a great record away from home for table climbing. Of the 15 points scored in Serie A, 12 were as a visitor: palm trees (3 x 2)And the Santos (0x0)And the Sao Paulo (2 x 2)And the stronghold (1 x 0)And the America / MG (2×0) And the Goias (1 x 1). The excellent record made Vovô the best visitor in the First Division, with a success rate of 57.1%.

Coach Marquinhos Santos made his debut for Ciara on Wednesday, with a 0-0 draw with Atletico Mineiro in Castellao.

take photo:
Kid Junior

For the second match before Ciara, Marquinhos Santos will have two important embezzlement: Richard Coelho, which fulfills the automatic suspension. The other absence because of Mendoza. The Colombian felt his thigh in the first stage against Atletico (MG) and was excluded from training before the trip to the capital, Mato Grosso. Therefore, the Colombian team will not be on the road.

However, it will be back gearHe was released to train normally during the week. It is not yet known if the back half is for a start.

The other players did not train with the ball yesterday. yOh Ricardo, Luiz Ottavio and Fina, who worked at the academy, must enter the field against Pixie Dorado. next to them, Lindoso and Bruno Pacheco Return to the starting lineup.

CUIABA × CEARÁ | data sheet

  • Brazilian Championship – Serie A
  • Location: Arena Pantanal, in Cuiabá (MT).
  • Date/time: June 18, 2022 at 7 p.m.
  • Broadcasting: Premiere, Verdinha 810 and Diário do Nordeste (real time)
  • Referee Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (FIFA) SP
  • Assistant 1: Neuza Ines Back (FIFA) – SP
  • Second Assistant: Luiz Alberto Andrini Nogueira SP
  • Video referee Wagner Reway PB

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