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Santos goals and best moments against RB Bragantino for the Brazilian Championship (2-2) | 06/18/2022

23:485 hours ago

good night!

We thank those who tuned in to another broadcast of the VAVEL Brasil programme. Good night everyone, until next time.

23:105 hours ago

⏱ Upcoming Games

Santos has now changed the switch and will play for the Copa del Rey. Wednesday (22), against Corinthians, at the New Coimica Arena, at 21:30. I am Bragantino, playing only for the Brazilian, on Saturday (25), at 16:30, against Atletico, in the Arena da Baixada.

22:556 hours ago

⏱ ‘Last game’

22: 546 hours ago

⏱ ‘Last game’

22:51 6 hours ago

49 ‘End of the match

Santos 2×2 Bragantino.

22:506 hours ago

48 ‘

Angelo attacks from the right and gets a corner kick in the last minute.

22:496 hours ago

47 ‘

Carlos Eduardo cross, Bowerman withdraws.

22:486 hours ago

46 ‘

Santos cross twice inside the area, and Bragantino’s defense pushes both away.

22: 476 hours ago

45′ extras

Plus four, let’s go to 49.

22: 476 hours ago

45′ toggle in bragantino 🔄

22: 456 hours ago

43 ‘

Joao Paulo defends the dangers of Luan Candido from outside the region.

22:436 hours ago

41 ‘

The ball is left to Arthur free in the area, and the 7 shirt ends up with a hole and missing the chance to score.

22:426 hours ago

40′ yellow card 🟨

Goulart receives a card in the bank for complaints.

22: 406 hours ago

38 ‘

Praxides receives the free ball in the area, tries to finish the ball, but Camacho reaches, blocks it and sends it to a corner.

22:396 hours ago

37 ‘

Aderlan crosses mid-high with danger. Kaiki turns away to the corner.

22:396 hours ago

37 ‘

Lucas Perez cross, leaves the Bragantino defense.

22:386 hours ago


Santos passes the ball into the attacking area, but cannot penetrate the opponent’s defense.

22:366 hours ago

34 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Card for Praxides, for lack of Rodrigo Fernandez.

22:336 hours ago

31 ‘red card 🟥

Peixe’s physical trainer has also been fired.

22:336 hours ago

30′ toggle in Bragantino 🔄

22:316 hours ago

28 ‘red card

Coach Fabian Bustos was expelled due to a complaint.

22:296 hours ago

25′ Jules de Bragantino ⚽️

Santos withdraws, Bragantino seizes the opportunity, and with Luan Candido, he risks from outside the area and scores a superb goal, from Joao Paulo’s corner. Total mass bundle: 2 to 2.

22:276 hours ago


Camacho’s beautiful pass to Angelo, who starts from the right and ends. The ball passes dangerously over Clayton’s goal.

22:256 hours ago

23 ‘Switch in Santos 🔄

22:246 hours ago

22 ‘

Aderlan skips hard, the ball crosses the area and goes out.

22:246 hours ago

21′ toggle in Bragantino 🔄

22:20 6 hours ago


Lucas Perez takes a corner in Rowan’s head. What a hard brow, but he sees the ball veering into Hurtado and coming out to touch the net on the outside.

22:19 6 hours ago


Ângelo makes a nice move from the right, he plays for Marcos Leonardo, his shirt 9 times, but he is blocked at the time of the kick. Fish corner.

22:18 6 hours ago

16 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Card to Helenho for the lack of Angelo.

22:17 6 hours ago


Sandri receives on the right wing, and tries to find Marcos Leonardo, but Nathan turns away from Bragantino.

22:166 hours ago


Artur crosses the cards of Lucas Braga.

22:14 6 hours ago

12 ‘Switch in Santos 🔄

22:13 6 hours ago

10 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Joao Paulo gets a card for making a “wax,” according to the referee.

22:13 6 hours ago


Fabulous! Rual risks from afar but the ball passes to the left of João Paulo’s goal.

22:12 6 hours ago

09 ‘

Lucas Braga attacks well from the right, Baptistao’s cross, shirt 92 fit for Marcos Leonardo, who tries to kick, but stops in the defense area. The ball is still left for Jhojan who takes the free kick and chews the ball and sends it weak to the Clayton defence.

22:11 6 hours ago

08 ‘

Lucas Perez crosses the area, Kevin makes the cut.

22:10 6 hours ago

08 ‘

Zanusillo risks from afar, but the ball explodes on defense.

22:09 7 hours ago

06 ‘

Aderlan tries to score with Hyoran, but clashes with Rodrigo Fernanfez. The match is paralyzed by medical attention for both players.

22:08 7 hours ago

06 ‘

Artur takes a free kick in the area, pushing Baptistao away. The residue ends up with Aderlan, who takes the first shot and the ball is out.

22:05 7 hours ago

03 ‘

Heoran takes a corner, Baptistao tries to move away but plays against his own goal. Fortunately for the striker, the ball goes off the side of the goal. A new corner for Massa Prota.

22:04 7 hours ago

02 ‘

Defender de Santos cuts off the connection, allowing Bragantino to reach in danger. Bowerman sends her to the corner.

22:03 7 hours ago

01 ‘

Artur risks the kick, the ball distracts Santos defense and goes to a corner.

22:01 7 hours ago

00 ‘The second half begins

Roll the ball to the final stage.

21: 477 hours ago

46′ End of the first half

Santos 2×1 Bragantino.

21:457 hours ago

45′ extras

Again, let’s go to 46.

21: 447 hours ago

44 ‘

Zanusillo fires Marcos Leonardo, Nathan pulls the Santos striker’s shirt and commits a foul.

21:437 hours ago

42 ‘

Marcus Leonardo missed the pass, but it was left to Gogan. Shirt 8, at the time of submission, ends up slouching and misses a great opportunity.

21:427 hours ago

41 ‘

Raul kicks from a distance, and Joao Paulo defends.

21: 417 hours ago


Gohan fires Marcus Leonardo but the 9 shirt was alone in attack and loses the ball to the opponent’s defence.

21:397 hours ago

38 ‘

Raul throws Artur inside the area, but the shirt 7 doesn’t get the field and the ball goes out of the backline.

21:377 hours ago

35′ Jules de Santos ⚽️

Bruno Oliveira from Marcos Leonardo’s beautiful sprint, jersey 9 takes goalkeeper Clayton, plays for Baptistao, who, without a goalkeeper, only pushed down the net: 2 to 0 Pixi.

21:337 hours ago

33 ‘

Aderlan’s cross pass, Rodrigo Fernandez withdrew to the outside.

21:297 hours ago


Helenho crosses at half height. Zanocele leaves.

21:287 hours ago


What a defense! Jean Hurtado received a cross in the area, the striker hits it with his head, but Joao Paulo saved it. Bragantino’s corner.

21:26 hours ago


Lucas Evangelista takes risks from outside the area, the ball passes by the goal and goes out.

21:257 hours ago

24′ yellow card 🟨

Bruno Oliveira misses Raul and receives a card.

21:24 hours ago

23 ‘

Huoran takes a direct free kick in the goal, but stops in the defense of Joao Paulo.

21:237 hours ago

23 ‘

Bragantino lacks the danger to charge.

21:237 hours ago

22 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Zanocelo fouled Lucas Evangelista at the entrance to the area and received a card.

21:227 hours ago


Raul risks a long shot and isolates the ball.

21:217 hours ago


Helinho tries the cross, pushes Kaiky away, and the ball goes back to shirt 11, who tried again, but this time cut Rodrigo Fernandez to a corner.

21:207 hours ago

19 ‘Yellow card 🟨

After fouling Marcus Leonardo, now it’s Raul’s turn to foul the boy. Shirt 23 receives a card.

21:177 hours ago

16′ Jules de Santos ⚽️

After a low cross from Lucas Perez, Bragantino’s defense managed to slip away, but the ball lands at the foot of Leo Baptistao, who controls and fills his foot, towards the back of the net: 1 to 0 Pixi.

21:157 hours ago


Lucas Perez’s Bruno Oliveira plays in the area, but the 44th shirt cannot reach the ball with his header. Goal kick for Bragantino.

21: 137 hours ago


Kaiki gives a nice hat to Hurtado, who offended the defender.

21:12 7 hours ago

09 ‘

That was imminent! On the low corner kick, Artur bounced back and Jean Hurtado swerved, and the ball bounced erratically into Joao Paulo’s post. Fortunately for Santos’ keeper, it’s back to him and the archer is shocked.

21:09 8 hours ago

09 ‘

Fabulous! Huoran cuts inside and shoots from a distance, the ball had a title, but Joao Paulo hit the ball and saved it. Bragantino’s corner.

21:06 8 hours ago

06 ‘

Lucas Perez receives from Bruno Oliveira on the left wing and crosses, and the ball goes to the head of Marcos Leonardo, who ends up weakly and the ball remains in Clayton’s hands.

21:05 8 hours ago

05 ‘

It started to rain in Villa Belmiro.

21:05 8 hours ago

04 ‘

Aderlan moves on to Hurtado, which ends with a wide header.

21:04 8 hours ago

03 ‘

Artur takes the free kick and Bowerman goes away.

21:03 8 hours ago

02 ‘

Baptistao fouled Helenho and Bragantino would have the opportunity to play the ball in the area.

21:00 8 hours ago

00 ‘Game begins

The ball rolled into Villa Belmiro, Santos gave off.

20:558 hours ago

⏱ ‘Taboo is at stake!

20: 538 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the match

Play the Brazilian national anthem.

20: 528 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the match

Teams come to the field.

20: 288 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the match

20:08 9 hours ago

⏱ The total mass has escalated!

20:01 9 hours ago

⏱ ‘Grated fish!

7:40 pm 9 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the match

7:40 pm 9 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the match

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⏱ ‘judging’

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