June 22, 2024

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Daniel Alves meets Petraglia "to learn" and discuss a potential partnership with Atletico |  Atletico PR

Daniel Alves meets Petraglia “to learn” and discuss a potential partnership with Atletico | Atletico PR

Daniel Alves and Atletico They establish closer relationships. The player accepted an invitation from Hurricane Chief, Mario Celso Petraglia, and visited CT do Caju headquarters, on Friday. The conversation, revealed by the club, indicated a possible partnership between the athlete and Robro Negro.

There is no club at the moment, Daniel Alves will launch an institute to train kids and teens in soccer next year Thus, he showed interest in revising the headquarters of the team’s training center from Parana, which he met in 2010 with the Brazilian team. On the other hand, Dani Alves made himself available to the president to assist in the international expansion of Rubro-Negro.

It’s good to come back here to watch the development and, as I told you off screen, take some lessons about the future. Also, be prepared to assist them in all aspects, both national and international

– Daniel Alves for the Atlético YouTube channel

Petraglia and Daniel Alves in conversation at Atletico – Photo: Reproduction/YouTube Atletico

Commissioned by Atletico, Petraglia highlighted the importance of the former Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain player. The 38-year-old athlete won 43 titles in his career, including a gold medal with the Olympic team in Tokyo.

Daniel Alves He was even asked to wear a Hurricane shirt, in September, once his contract with São Paulo was terminated. However, I still didn’t think I accept the proposalHe claimed that he would not sign with any team until the end of 2021.

On the one hand, if Petraglia never got tired of extolling the qualities of Daniel Alves, on the other hand, the player returned the praise.

I am honored to be with someone of this caliber today. It is a pleasure to be by your side, to learn from your years of life and experience in all areas, such as business. I come back (home) smarter – it’s over.

NS Atletico has a commitment to Bragantino, this Sunday, for the 30th round of Brazil. The match will take place in Al-Nabi Abi Shedid at 4 pm.

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