June 16, 2024

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Deputy La Vega: “Public ministry accusation hurts my family, she’s getting old”

Rosa Amalia Blarde, vice president of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) La Vega, said the public ministry was harassing her family and that the accusation against her was “old.”

After his name surfaced on charges of linking his family to drug trafficking, the legislator denied those links, saying the money he owned was the result of work done by his companies.

“First, it’s an old charge (drug trafficking), which started during the election, and then I will tell you that my family and I were severely beaten by the public ministry. What we did was work, and I kept my forehead highThe jobs we do are not hidden jobs, they are jobs I recognize in my community, ”he said.

Faced with the alleged harassment, he said he was “sorry, sorry” for the public ministry’s attitude, criticizing him for not using his intelligence “on really worthy occasions”.

“They use it (intelligence) to damage a family of mine today, so I keep my head high because everything is working honestly for this day. If you accuse me of having legal money in my account, Because this is my job and the money as a result of the company we have, ”he added.

In June last year, the Lopez Florde family created the “most important” money laundering networks by the Ministry of Public Works, which is the result of drug trafficking.

At the time, Rosa Amalia Blard, the wife of Lopez Florencio, a deputy candidate for the PRM, was also reportedly involved.