June 12, 2024

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Who are the 3 normals identified so far?

(CNN Espasol) – Mexican authorities on Tuesday identified the remains of one of 43 civilians Ayodjinaba Missing on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, the southernmost state of the country.

The remains belong to Josivani Guerrero de la Cruz. This was identified by nuclear DNA analysis carried out this year by the University of Innsbruck in Austria, which is 99.9% accidental. Omar Gomez Trejo said on Tuesday, Head of the Special Investigation and Prosecution Division of the Ayodhya Jinnah case in the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) of Mexico.

Gomez Trejo recalled it, In 2015, the then Attorney General’s Office (PGR) confirmed Josivani’s identity, but he did so through a mitochondrial DNA analysis, “which reflected less certainty and only 17% as a result of the agreement.”

It was very low. Necessary review and recommendations were made. However, at that time PGR officials decided to go out and issue a dubious decision, ”the unit chief said.

Similarly, in this year’s analysis, the official pointed out that the University of Innsbruck has re-emphasized the need to identify the remains of Christian Alfonso Rodriguez Delumbre.

In July 2020, FGR reports on the identification of Christian Alfonso after analysis of bone fragments carried out by the University of Innsbruck. That identification was confirmed in analyzes done by the same company this year.

Alexander the Great CNN by lawyers for the families of the victims In December 2014.

Olga Sanchez: The leak in the Ayodhya case is very serious 5:53
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Alexander Mora

According to the Miguel Augustine Pro Jurassic Center for Human Rights, in 2014, 21-year-old Alexander had a strong desire to become a teacher. This is how his family remembers him.

When Alexander was 19, he attended the Isitro Burgos Rural Ordinary School. So, he passed his exam and he was allotted a room to share with his classmates, A publication on the center’s website says it advertised the campaign Marches with letters.

Aside from being a teacher, becoming a professional footballer is one of his biggest dreams. He is described as the “crack” of Juventus Perigon, an amateur team that played with relatives in Guerrero.

Family According to family and friends, Alexander wants to be a teacher from a profession to help, but his biggest illusion has always been football. He wants to play with Poomas de la Unamo, adding the release.

Christian Alfonso

He was just 19 years old when 43 normalists went missing from Ayodhya.

Cle is the only son of Clemente Rodriguez and Luc Maria Delumbre, who has three sisters and he longs to return. He grew up in Guerrero, in the Diocese of Santiago. From the campaign, refers to a publication on the site of the center Marches with letters.

He wanted to be a teacher to build a future for himself and help his family, but he was so excited It is a folk dance, which he has been practicing since childhood.

Z He danced at the Sochigetzl Folk Dance Troupe, and his dance companions remember him when he came to the corn-eating rehearsal, and walked across his chest with his brown bag and long chest. There he took off his dance boots. They called him Clark, a nickname he earned for his dark sunglasses, just like the journalist Superman, Clark Kent. “

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Josivani is a warrior

He went missing with his other 42 classmates when he was 20 years old.

He wanted to be a veterinarian and decided to study with the resources his family had. He refused to follow the American dream made by his father and brothers.

“A dream in which one of them died, for which his father was not with him for nine years of his life”, There is the release of the center, which creates the campaign Marches with letters.

It was when he joined the Activist House that Josivani discovered that he was a leader. Before he bought expensive tennis shoes, but for others, he wanted to give it up to help his community.

His He chose trips as an opportunity for his people, to get water during the warmer months, and to earn money to sustain his studies (). To speak of Josivani is to speak of a man who stumbles when something does not happen as expected, but who does not let himself down; He has discovered that he can use his voice to make a difference in society, “the statement said.