June 23, 2024

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Boninho fala do câncer de Ana Furtado

Boninho remembers Anna Furtado’s cancer: ‘No one waits’

Boninho talks about Anna Furtado’s cancer. Photo: clone / Instagram

At the beginning of breast cancer prevention campaigns, charming Remember illness Anna Furtado. She had a tumor in 2018, but she is now cured of the disease. Saturday dawn (2), Director BBB He wrote a script to remember the dark days with his wife. He began writing in an alarming tone. However, the idea fades away until it becomes just a memory.

“No one expects this news. Cancer is a horrible word, but it may be closer than you think. We are weak and know that one day we will cease to exist. Knowing that anything could speed this up is very sad. I lived this moment with my beloved Anna. Furtado. From diagnosis as frightening to treatment it was a difficult period,” he recalls.

Then Boninho talked about some of the feelings and images that went through his head at that time. Thus, he talks about the fear of losing his wife to such a common disease, but one that needs more care in Brazil. “I will never forget the first moments. From the fear of losing my passion and finally the success of the treatment. Being with her on every chemotherapy application, seeing her body aching, her hair falling out, the strength disappearing,” he wrote.

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Despite these facts, he followed with his wife a message charming It was clear: Women across Brazil were encouraged to visit their doctors more frequently.

“We were fortunate that she had the regular checkups and that helped with early diagnosis. Taking the regular exam is essential. Anna was cured, she was a fighter and I am taking advantage of the experience to spread the care we need (…). She won. We won. And pink October is like that. Month Let’s remember that early tests save lives,” the Globo director concluded.

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The message was not limited to the husband. Anna has also stood up for women to help fight breast cancer campaigns. After all, preventative checkups and regular medical consultations are essential for early diagnosis and increased chances of cancer treatment.

The Globo host talked about it and provided serious statistics on the virus, especially on women who haven’t been back to their gynecologist since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. “Welcome October Pink! May you enlighten, transform and save the lives of thousands of women! depended on! According to a recent survey, about 47% of Brazilian women did not go to a gynecologist and/or breast cancer specialist during the pandemic. With the fear of Covid-19, and often due to the long waiting time to be able to make appointments and exams, many women left the check-ups for later. But we know breast cancer doesn’t wait,” she recalls.

In addition, Bonigno’s wife said that prevention is the most effective way to fight breast cancer.

“That’s why, together, it’s important to promote #OutubroRosa this year. Early detection and diagnosis saves lives. Those who look for it, find it,” my oncologist Dr. Fernando Malouf always says. He who thinks will be healed! Therefore, do not delay in taking care of yourself, your health and your body. Go to the doctor. Take your exams! He said on Instagram.

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