April 24, 2024

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Discover 8 ways to read WhatsApp messages without being noticed

NS The WhatsApp It is a popular app to have a short chat, find out news and share an idea with your friends. But sometimes, all a user wants is to read a message without the other finding out that they’ve already checked the content.

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This desire is more common than you think, although it can be complicated in some cases. Those who don’t want to disable read confirmation, for example, need to get around the rules.

Here are ten ways to check your messages No Whatsapp without giving knowledge:

1 – Disable read confirmation

The simplest way to do this is to disable the blue ticks that appear when you open a file accident. Simply access the Account and Privacy menu and turn off the Read Confirmation switch.

2 – Open a popup chat

In the iOS version of the messenger, the user can read a portion of the received content without having to click on the chat. Just tap on the conversation for a few seconds and a popup will appear on the screen.

3 – Activate notifications

When you run the preview, you get a file Attention on the device whenever a new message arrives. The option is available in the “Notifications” menu in the WhatsApp settings.

4 – Create a widget

Android users can put the WhatsApp widget on the home screen of their devices. One of them allows the user to see received messages without having to go into the application.

5- Shut down the internet

Another way to not let anyone know that you read the conversation is to turn off the internet. Without a connection, the blue ticks do not appear and there is no way for the contact to notice that you have read what you sent.

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6 – Use or WhatsApp Web

In the web version of the messenger, it is not necessary to click on the conversation to view the latest version. Message. You just need to bring your mouse pointer over the desired chat and wait a few seconds.

7 – Leave WhatsApp Web in the background

Open the messenger on the computer and put the screen of another program or browser page about the conversation. Remember that if you click on the application, the messages will be marked as read.

8 – Enable browser notifications

It is also possible to take advantage of notifications using WhatsApp on a computer. Click on the three dots at the top and activate the “Desktop notifications” and “Show preview” options.