May 19, 2024

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DNA reveals that the "world's largest potato" is a pumpkin and is out of the Guinness Book of Records |  agricultural business

DNA reveals that the “world’s largest potato” is a pumpkin and is out of the Guinness Book of Records | agricultural business

the couple New Zealand Who was hoping to get into the Guinness Book of Records because he believed it existed Harvest the largest potato in the worldI was surprised, in August last year, by the news that scientific examinations showed that the vegetable is in fact a type of squash, a relative of cucumbers, zucchini and watermelon.

The 7.8 kg food was discovered by Colin and Donna Craig-Brown on a small farm near Hamilton. Since then, he has become a “celebrity” in town and on social media.

Colin and Donna called the vegetable “Dog,” built a food truck and started posting photos to Facebook while they waited for the record to go official.

After months of sending photos, documents and DNA material for scientific testing in the UK, the couple received the bad news from Guinness in an email last week:

“Dear Colin, unfortunately the specimen is not a potato. It is actually a type of squash. That is why we unfortunately have to cross out the candidacy.”

An amateur brewer, Colin wanted to turn potatoes into vodka. Photo: Donna Craig Brown/The Associated Press

Colin Craig Brown told the Associated Press that the vegetables were self-grown and tasted like potatoes. He stressed that he would not give up on obtaining a record for potatoes and developing “The Beast” next season.

A New Zealand couple harvested the food late last year and hope to be the world’s largest potato – Photo: Donna Craig Brown via The Associated Press

The couple named the food “Doug” and even made a small cart to transport it – Photo: Donna Craig Brown/Associated Press