May 29, 2024

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Do you take long time to reply on Whatsapp? A new role can hurt you

Always preparing news for its users, the The WhatsApp There is a surprise that can hurt those who take a long time to respond to messages. The company is setting up a feature to allow the user Listen to audios without having to stay in the app.

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Currently, when the person listening to the audio leaves the conversation, playback stops immediately. If the update has already been released, it will be possible to do other things on the cell phone while listening to the voice message.

This means that it will be possible to leave the audio playing while performing tasks in other applications. This may be the end of excuses for those who don’t like to hear audios It takes a long time to reply to your contacts.

Activate the feature

To activate the function, the user has to click on the three dots in the upper corner of the screen, select the “Connected devices” option, and click on “Multiple devices (beta)”. Then, just listen to the audio without having to stay in the app.

According to the specialized portal WABetaInfo, which discovered the novelty in the beta version of WhatsApp, there is still no date for its release to the general public. So far, it is only available to tool testers for iOS and Android.

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