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Dodo reveals a conversation with Abel's wife and says the coach should stay in Palmeiras: 'Work to do' |  Palm trees

Dodo reveals a conversation with Abel’s wife and says the coach should stay in Palmeiras: ‘Work to do’ | Palm trees

Dodo managed to get into more history Palm trees The title of Libertadores. On vacation and already head in the Club World Cup, The striker has certainty about the future of the club: Abel Ferreira will continue to lead the team.

In an interview with GiveDodo spoke about his relationship with the Portuguese coaching staff and expressed optimism that the coach would stay. Refused an offer of victory, from Saudi Arabia, and has opinion polls from clubs in the United States and Turkey.

The people of Palmyra even asked Abel Ferreira’s wife to move to São Paulo with her daughters.

Dudu and Abel Ferreira at the Palmeiras title celebration – Photo: Cesar Greco/AG Palmeiras

We met his wife at a barbecue he had, we filled her in to come to Brazil (laughs). Hopefully what he decides will be the best option, but I’m sure he will continue, and not leave like this, because we have an important competition. I’m sure he will stay with us – said the striker, who strengthened his will for the Portuguese to stay.

Celebrating on the grass at Centenário, right after beating Flamengo and confirming the South American title, Dudu couldn’t hold back his tears and was embraced by Abel Ferreira.

– It was an outburst, like: “I understand.” What we dreamed of we achieved. For everything we’ve been through at the club since 2015, I’ve spent that time in Qatar knowing I’d be back at the club with the potential to conquer the Libertadores. Abel says it was a very difficult road, we came with the hardest road, against Sao Paulo and Atletico MG. There was an outburst of happiness and joy after conquering this title. It was one of my biggest dreams, for the club and for all the Palmeiras players.

Abel Ferreira, Dudu and Deyverson after the title of Libertadores – Photo: Cesar Greco/Ag. Palm trees

Before the current peace, the relationship between Dodo and Abel Ferreira went through some small frictions. The Portuguese took a long time to follow up on the striker, who complained about being substituted in some matches.

The situation was under the control of the board and the technical committee behind the scenes of the football academy. On the field, the striker had the sequence and was important in the matches against São Paulo and Atlético MG, in the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Libertadores.

– These things are about leaving and complaining… Everyone knows me and knows my desire to play and participate. Abel and I were getting to know each other, we had these things to complain about on our way out, to talk, but it’s about wanting to play and help the group. Nothing against the person. Nobody has any of that at Palmeiras, it’s a very unified group. It was more in this beginning to understand each other’s situation, and today we know each other very well. He depends on me a lot, we talk not only with him but also with the technical committee. Everyone from CT should be congratulated for everything they do for Palmeiras.

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Since returning to Brazil, Dodo has left the football academy area for Alfaville. There was even a fraternity of actors from Palma, in the presence of the family of Abel Ferreira. The striker stated that he is ready to be the Portuguese’s neighbor.

– Every place has its dangers, here it is very quiet in the residential units. I hope the family will approach him. The family is close, the man is another person, he is another head.

– I told him it’s good to live here. Everyone says there is traffic that has to go to Sao Paulo, but when we go there is no traffic. If you get up at 6am, 7am there is traffic, but it takes 23 minutes to get to CT. It’s quiet… The woman is in charge there (laughs) – I joked.

Dudu and Abel Ferreira at the Football Academy – Photo: Reproduction / Palmeiras TV

Due to the planning of the dispute over the FIFA Club World Cup, in early February, the Council decided to introduce a holiday for representatives. Re-submission to the Football Academy will take place on January 5th.

– I was thinking that if I lost the address everyone would be sad. Now we have won, we have to celebrate and enjoy the end of the year with friends and family so we can come back and focus well on the start of the season because we have a great competition ahead. There is no way to forget. (World Cup Dispute) You have to work on vacation, train. We know the team of players is going to play, and it’s going to be a bit of a competition for them.

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