October 4, 2023

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Does Galaxy S22 Plus offer the best value in the range?  Analysis / review

Does Galaxy S22 Plus offer the best value in the range? Analysis / review

we have it here Galaxy S22 Plus. Will this year’s mid-year oblivion model be the same as its predecessor? This time Samsung decided to do more with it and we not only have an extended version of Galaxy S22.

The design is identical to the smaller model, both in appearance and finish, at this point nothing changes. While the Ultra brings curved edges and a more rectangular shape, here we have a flat phone with rounded corners. The colors on the Plus are the same as the smaller model, leaving the wine tone available only for S22 Ultra.

The screen has shrunk, while the resolution and rate of 120 Hz have been preserved. What has evolved in this generation is stronger brightness at the same level as Ultra. Plus, there’s a Vision Booster feature that debuted on the Ultra that boosts gamma and saturation to ensure better visibility outdoors. Stereo sound is more powerful and balanced than ever.

Performance at the expense of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 8 GB of RAM. If you expected to see the new device beat its predecessor Exynos 2100, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the two are linked in our speed test. However, in benchmarks we have much higher numbers on the S22 Plus. However, it tends to heat up more in demanding games.

The battery has shrunk to 300 mAh and in this way the autonomy has been sacrificed, but it is still able to work for a whole day. The big news is the 45W charger is supported. And like we’ve seen on the S22 Ultra, it doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t make sense, but Samsung seems to have limited the power input into the battery to prevent it from frying.

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And what about the cameras? After years of using the same sensors, Samsung has finally brought the news of this generation. The main camera is now 50MP and takes clearer photos, especially at night. The telephoto lens has evolved the most and takes much better photos. The ultrawide display is the same as before, as with selfies, so we didn’t see any noticeable improvements.

Is it worth buying the S22 Plus? If you have an ancestor then do not. Now if you are looking for the best cost benefit of the new line, it is the most balanced option out of the three options. For more details, just check out the full review at the link below.

Galaxy S22 Plus arrived in the national market in February 2022 by 6,999 BRL In 128 GB version and you can find the offers below at more affordable prices: