June 13, 2024

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Here's how to watch Axiom exit the space station live

Here’s how to watch Axiom exit the space station live

NASA will broadcast the departure of the Axiom 1 mission, which is currently joined to International Space Station. The break will take place this Saturday (23), at 21:35 (Brasilia time), but the broadcast with preparations will start earlier, at 19:15.

The video will be available on .’s website NASAon the website of Axiom Spaceon the NASA app and also on space agency youtube.

Mission Axiom 1 is expected to land in the sea off the coast of Florida, USA, around 2:46 am Sunday (24).

Axiom is the first private astronaut mission to visit the International Space Station. The four crew, Commander Michael Lopez AlegriaAnd the pilot Larry Connor and the experts Etan Step and mark Pathé will complete 16 days in space.

The date, time and trajectory of the International Space Station’s separation and flight back to Earth were set in partnership between Axiom Space, NASA and SpaceX, maker of the Dragon Endeavor spacecraft. These parameters depend on good weather conditions here on the planet – a variable that will be monitored throughout the day by teams from the space agency and the two companies.

The Dragon questwill return to Earth with more than 90 kg of supplies and resources for scientific research.

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