June 22, 2024

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Douglas, Maria and Paulo question Islo's vote in Camarut

Douglas, Maria and Paulo question Islo’s vote in Camarut

If Camarote does until yesterday”BBB 22″ (TV Globo) They still don’t understand the potential split between them and the Beboca group, everything changed this morning. Douglas Silva heard Slovenia comment that in this first week he would not vote for the unknown team and questioned his sister.

The actor, accompanied by Paulo Andre and Maria, wanted to understand Paraíba’s strategy and the reasons why Beboca had not voted. Eslô has made it clear that she will not vote in the first week for her team, until Brazil has had a chance to meet them, because Camarote will already be known by everyone, according to her.

Douglas responded that the audience knows only part of their story. “Do you think the public knows the story of my life, my mother’s story? They don’t!” The public does not know our life story. You don’t really know.

Paulo Andre also tried to change his sister’s mind, saying that everyone inside is equal in the game. On the other hand, Maria defended her team at Camarot saying that they are going to reality “To break up an image found in the media” and agreed with Douglas that people didn’t know their story.

Islo agreed with the brothers, but stressed that this strategy would be followed at least during the first week. Shortly thereafter, he again admitted that his choice to vote was singer Nayara Azevedo.