June 16, 2024

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Faustão is a Band Leader and gives Ibope more than Ratinho in SBT

Faustau in the band Still high in audience, even having settled in lower numbers than he did at the premiere, he’s still the most attractive of Radio Sao Paulo. In addition, the program leads Fausto Silva They had higher numbers than the competition, as they were seen more, for example, from Programa do Ratinho, on SBT.

According to data from Kantar Ibope for greater Sao Paulo obtained on the screen Combined with market sources, the Faustão na Band averaged 5.6 points with a peak of 6.6, being the main attraction of the channel and overtaking Programa do Ratinho, which had a 4.8. That was the day The presenter has been diagnosed with Covid-19 And you’ll have to stay away from the recordings and a little less than the opening day, when Faustau increased the channel’s audience by nearly 10,000%..

Speaking of Programa do Ratinho, on SBT, Te Dou a Vida scored 7.1, while Se Nos Vamos, still in the first week, had an average performance of 7.0. On the other hand, Mar de Amor remained low, scoring only 3.6, which is lower until its safety Para Semper, which was 5.5. The station’s network hit low rates throughout most of the day, and the red light was on with Casos de Família, which scored 1.6 on average.

At Globo, BBB22 continues to rise as the biggest attraction of Brazilian television, finishing the third episode of the season with a score of 24.3 points, an average higher than that of Jornal Nacional and Um Lugar ao Sol, who both finished the day with 22 points. , 6. Earlier, O Clone grew in the range of Vale a Pena Ver de Novo and went to 16.1 points and distanced himself with an average of 12.4 from O Cravo ea Rosa.

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Journal da Record scored 6.9, underperforming Cidade Alerta with 7.1 and A Bible, vice channel leader with 7.3. Mortal Kilos maintained the average range at 6.8 points. The biggest audience to record, however, was General Balance, closing the day with an average of 7.6.

Check out the audiences:

Average day 13.8
Good morning SP 8,1
Good morning Brazil 9,4
More than you 7,7
An interview with Fatima Bernards 7,0
SP1 10.4
Globe Sports 10.2
today’s newspaper 11,1
Carnations and roses 12,4
Afternoon session: Radical decisions 11,4
o clone 16,1
Exercise dreams 15,7
In the era of the emperor 16,9
SP2 19,2
The more life, the better! 21,4
National Magazine 22,6
place in the sun 22,6
BBB22 24,3
Special Film: A Star Is Born 14,9
Globo newspaper 7,6
go glue 6,2
owl 5,3
1 . hour 5,6
Faustão is a Band Leader and gives Ibope more than Ratinho in SBT Average day 6.1
balance sheet 1,8
Balance Sheet Manhã SP 2,8
speak brazil 3,7
in this time 4,4
JR 24 hours (AM) 5.0
general balance 7,6
proof of love 6,1
24 hours (afternoon) 5,4
City alert 7,1
24 hours (afternoon) 6,8
journal record 6,9
Bible 7,2
deadly kilograms 6,8
Chicago fire 4,3
JR 24 Hours (Dawn) 2,4
Speak, I hear you 1,2
religious 0,5
Faustão is a Band Leader and gives Ibope more than Ratinho in SBT Average day 3.9
first effect 3.0
Good morning and company 2,3
SBT . News 1.9
family issues 1,6
wheel by wheel 2,0
chat 2,3
Come here 2,9
Sea of ​​love 3,6
tomorrow forever 5,5
if they leave us 7,0
I give you life 7,1
SBT Brazil 6,2
the angel’s face 7,6
mouse software 4,8
the night 2,8
mosque operation 2,3
reporter contact 1.9
SBT Brazil (Replay) 1.7
First Effect (4 hours – 6 hours) 2,0
Faustão is a Band Leader and gives Ibope more than Ratinho in SBT Average day 2.7
The first newspaper 0,2
Bora SP 1 0,4
Bora SP 2 0,7
Let’s go to Brazil 0,9
Chef 0,7
open game 2,0
ball holders 1,8
The best of the era 1,1
brazil urgent 5.0
Brazil Urgent – Location 5,1
Band Magazine 4,6
Faustau in the band 5,6
1001 questions 1.9
night news 0,9
what is the end 0,9
Total Sports 0,6
But geeky 0,4
More information 0,2
Band Magazine 0,4