May 19, 2024

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Douglas says he was afraid Natalya would be fired

Douglas says he was afraid Natalya would be fired

In a conversation with Slovenia and Lukas, Douglas analyzed a file Discussion between Lina and Natalia. After the fight, the sister came Throw away one of the kitchen chairs.

“I’m not interfering because it’s not up to me, but man, I was surprised,” he said. ‘I went to drop my coat off,’ he said, ‘and they were there arguing, but I didn’t think it would come to that.’

“The most difficult thing is that the three are in a fragile situation,” he added.

Slovenia said that before the fight, Natalya had already told her that she was injured by Lena and Giseilan. The sister said, “She said it to me before. She said the same things she said in the discussion.”

He concluded, “I was really afraid of being there ‘sectarian’, you know? Because that’s a dream, right? Can you imagine ending all of this like this out of nowhere? Strange.”

Masquerade: Leader Lucas’ second party in ‘BBB’

After Vinicius is gone, who is the favorite to win the ‘BBB 22’?


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UOL voting has no scientific nature or influence on the outcome of TV Globo

Watch now: “Realities – Brazil on TV”

We’ve already spoken to former BBBs who have lamented, to those who caused controversy and now, in “Realities – O Brasil na TV,” a three-episode documentary produced by splash And the MOV.docwe say the beginnings and behind the scenes of reality programs in Brazil.