October 1, 2023

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"If he doesn't go, I press the button and I give up"

“If he doesn’t go, I press the button and I give up”

BBB 22

The brother, who has been rivaling Arthur Aguiar in recent days, also has another participant in his sight

Photo: Reproduction / BBB / TV Globo
Photo: Reproduction / BBB / TV Globo

Yesterday (16), a masquerade party was talked about in BBB 22. In addition to the events of the fighting between Natalia And the LinaOther brothers talked about the game and designed the next game sea ​​wall. at a certain moment, Gustavo named Paulo Andre And the Pedro Scooby. The topic was at that time Jessewho grew in the program and established bonds with other participants.

“As of today, one person I don’t vote for is Jesse.”He said Gustavo. The surfer who pointed Jiseilan When he won the mentor, he admitted that he regretted his decision: “Man, when I nominated Jesse, I spoke the same night, voted for her and regretted it. Hours after voting. I was torn between mind and heart. Tell me why to vote for Jesse”.

“Now, if this guy (Eliezer) doesn’t go to Paredão next week, I’ll press the button. I give up on the game.”joking Gustavo. Paulo Andre laugh and comment Lucaswho chose Scooby Last Sunday (13) he got involved in a big mess with a group of boys sleeping in grunge room (General Manager, Paulo Andre, Scooby and Arthur Aguiar).

almost, Scooby Approach Lucas and say: “If you take the leader, I won’t put you down. I have no regrets”. He already mentioned this a little earlier, and is still in conversation with him Gustavo: “There can be arguments, they can go against what the person is saying… It took a while, then cuddle again, let’s go and dance follows. Life is like this. It feels great on the surface”.