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DSX is an app released on Steam that allows you to use DualSense features on PC

DSX is an app released on Steam that allows you to use DualSense features on PC

The app is sold for 6.49 BRL on the Valve Store

It was recently released in steam Application DSX – Which allows different features to control DualSense In the PRAÇA – The application was developed by the group pale and up At a cost of 6.49 BRL in steam Brazilian. Application Provided for free github (And it can still be downloaded, mainly to test how it works before you buy it), but now that it’s coming to steamThe developers have already said that only the paid version will receive new updates, leaving users of the free version.

It is possible to connect files DualSense In the PRAÇA using DSX Across USB or Bluetoothbut there are functions that only work connected to it USB How to use the audio from the console headset and headset.

You can simulate a control Xbox 360And the Dual Shock 4 Or simply leave the control recognized as a DualSense. You can customize the color of the LED as well as configure vibrations and adaptive stimuli.

Click here to check out the DSX app

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See more details about DSX with the information posted on its Steam page:

  • Bring your console to life DualSense On PC with support for Adaptive Triggers And the haptic feedback!
  • whether you use steam Or a different platform, you can use DSX With all games!
  • DSX only works with PS5 DualSense Controller
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Supported connections:

Choose your simulation type and get the functionality on your DualSense:

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  • Xbox 360
  • Dual Shock 4
  • Off (no emulation, read only in-app)


  • Support for more than 20 languages
  • Run the application with Windows startup
  • Loudspeaker / Headphone Audio (USB only)
  • Get the percentage of battery life and controller battery status
  • Configure the controller’s LED as you like
  • Experience different adaptive shooting modes and controller shake
  • And more…

Some compatibility issues have already been identified and the app team is already working on the fix

did you like the DSX? Do you intend to use it to connect files DualSense to me PRAÇA? Share in the comments your opinion!

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