July 25, 2024

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Shadowland Tales is a Brazilian game with NFT coefficients

Shadowland Tales is a Brazilian game with NFT coefficients

Shadowland Tales It is the first match from Brazilian studio UMZI Games Studio, announced on Tuesday (16). The MMORPG will be released in alpha in January 2022.

The game will be free to play, as the gameplay focuses on PvP (player against player), PvE (player against the environment), and GvG (guild against a guild). Shadowland Tales It will also have a system for creating items, harvesting resources, domesticating animals, and NFT transactions (these, by the way, that are not yet detailed).

According to an official statement, the game wants to offer gameplay that focuses on skills, levels, and classes, which will be essential for content development. Andre Ferreira, founder of the studio, spoke about the idea of ​​the project: “When we had the idea to create a game, we wanted to do something to remember our childhood time, when we gathered on vacation to play Ultima Online, Diablo 2, Ragnarök and various other games that marked an era.”

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Founded in January 2021, UMZI Game Studio is the brainchild of André Ferreira, Douglas Mesquita (also known as Rato Borrachudo), Higor Bissoli and Augusto Rocha.

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