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Elden Ring: Patch 1.04 removes destructible walls and makes Malenia more difficult

Elden Ring: Patch 1.04 removes destructible walls and makes Malenia more difficult

The fearsome boss is now able to heal without any obvious limitations

Released this week by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring 1.04 patch brought many balance changes with the aim of making players more powerful. At the same time, the game changed some areas that were not clear in the patch notes – among them is the tutorial, which is now Clearer.

Another change that the company did not mention is the fact that The walls that disappeared After being hit nearly 50 times by players Corrected. Now, no matter how many times they were injured, players would simply not be able to eliminate them.

Cooperative transformation to the impression that The destructible walls in the Elden Ring were a bug. Although developer From Software has hidden secret paths in its previous games, they used to be unlocked with a single swipe and accompanied by animations when they were discovered – something that didn’t happen in the last title.

Malenia becomes more difficult with the update

While fixing bugs, Elden Ring 1.04 update appears to have introduced a file The mistake that makes Battle against MaliniaMiquela blade, harder. With the update, she can heal without any restrictions, which requires the player to be more aggressive in order to defeat her.

Among the elements that make Malenia particularly difficult is the fact that, in addition to having a great deal of health, she is able to attack quickly and wreak havoc with her blows. Prior to the patch she was able to restore her health when hitting the player, however, Now, she could do so simply by waving her arms in the air..

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– Continues after announcement –

The increased difficulty of the optional coach was noted even by the legend “Let Me Solo Her”, an Elden Ring player who He was famous for helping others defeat himThe. According to him, the opponent became a “nightmare to fight”, which led to a The battle that lasted more than 15 minutes before achieving victory. So far Bandai Namco has not commented on the bug, which will likely be fixed in future updates.


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