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Win a Collector’s Edition for Xbox

Win a Collector’s Edition for Xbox

A few days ago, it was X-Box Announcing the withdrawal of a premium college edition of the game Elden bellwhich comes with a hard book, a character, a mini art book, and an amazing replica of Malinia.

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Whoever posted the raffle was a foreign Xbox profile, but the raffle is valid for all countries where the service is offered Xbox Live Works, which includes Brazil.

To participate you must be 18, follow the Xbox profile on Twitter and retweet the post below with the hashtag “#EldenRingSweepstakesThen just wait and wait for the result.

The giveaway will end on April 25, and Xbox will notify the winner via a Twitter Direct Message, the popular DM, so stay tuned. The lucky person will have 120 hours to respond to the message with the required data and the version will be sent within eight days after contact. If the winner does not make contact within the estimated period, another drawing will be made.

The lottery rules can be read in full From this document. Good luck and God bless you!

For more on the Elden ring, Check out this article as we explain what happens when players refuse to help Melina. Without it, life is guaranteed to be very difficult. However, if you refuse, do not worry: it is easy to undo this decision..

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Check also Elden Ring’s analysis, which was finally completed, everyone noticed. After dozens of hours, with Speedrun beyond my means, I completed a massive script covering the game’s most important points. If you are in doubt about investing or not, read on.