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Imagem de: Elden Ring: jogador derrota chefes fazendo absolutamente nada

Elden Ring: The player beats bosses and does absolutely nothing

Like any other recent FromSoftware title, elden ring It is a very difficult game. The big difference is that the title offers several facilitators for Tainted struggling in the Midlands – and some of them are very effective, as one player demonstrated in a video.

The video, posted by YouTube user InfernoPlus, shows the player defeating several bosses without doing anything except summoning the spirit of Banished Knight Oleg. Then he activates some funny gestures, like the fetal pose, and waits for the fight to end (in victory, obviously).

It is noteworthy that the spirit has improved up to level +9 and the bosses in general are from the beginning of the game. However, it does give you a good idea of ​​how useful they are in a tough fight.

in conversation with KotakuYouTube explained that summoning a soul is often better than summoning other players. This is because in the cooperative, the number of health bosses has been increased to compensate.

“You can make a high-level summons to defeat almost any boss at Limgrave, Stormveil, Raya Lucaria, and Liurnia,” InfernoPlus explained. “But then you have to start helping.”

Recently, InfernoPlus also posted another joke on Twitter, summoning Raya Lucaria’s soldiers to single-handedly take down the Tree Sentinel, a boss who tends to terrorize players early in the adventure.

Players have discovered various ways to have fun in the Midlands, including imitating anime charactersAnd the Explode to eliminate opponents In PvP and even deceive the invaders Play NPC.

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On PC, unusual activities come from mods, like those Add the Thomas train to the game and the last of that Putting heads against each other In mortal battles.

elden ring Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S PC. check the voxel analysis!