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iPhone 14 Pro: a new concept featuring a screen with two holes, thicker and more

iPhone 14 Pro: a new concept featuring a screen with two holes, thicker and more

Update (22/03/2022) – LR

It is scheduled to be announced in the last quarter of this year iPhone 14 Pro It should come with significant datasheet and build changes, and it may even stop using the rectangular notch that has taken up so much space at the top of the screen since the iPhone X – a version launched five years ago that introduced the trend of the notch to the market.

Apparently, the manufacturer intends to replace this outdated design in the next generation and Two front openings can be used to house the selfie camera and Face ID sensorsComponents that should stay in this area for a long time unless the Cupertino giant takes out the camera under the screen or replaces the face reader with a fingerprint.

According to the new pictures The dimensions of the iPhone 14 Pro should change and it may be a little thicker compared to its predecessorwith 7.85 mm versus 7.65 mm of iPhone 13 Pro And keep other features of the device body, such as the triple camera module and button layout.

Although this speculation is not justified, it is coherent if we consider that in the latest version there was a 0.25 mm increase in thickness of the version introduced last year compared to the 2020 smartphone in favor of a significant increase in battery capacity.

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At the moment, it is still too early to say that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a much larger battery than its predecessor, but based on the image we can expect the news.

Update (03/18/22) – JB

Although we are still in March, the market is already Eye on launching future members from the family iPhone 14. This Friday (18), new concept pictures Released by designer Pigtou, the biggest highlight was the sculpture’s potential future.

First announced on the iPhone X, the notch may die this year, and Apple is expected to start offering a hole-and-grain solution. those Two slots in Future Show iPhone 14 Pro It accommodates a Face ID sensor and a selfie camera with other feature components, respectively.

This year, Apple is expected to release a version of iPhone 14 6.1 inches, and iPhone 14 Max At 6.7 inches, the iPhone 14 Pro With 6.1 inches and iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7 inches.

Check out the concept below:

As much as it’s considered an advance over the traditional, this design still has divided opinions on the web, with many people believing that having two slots ends up making the front of the device a bit weird.

However, it is noticeable that the iPhone concept has thinner bezels and this is something that makes the device more elegant.

Of course, not everything has changed, an example is that the camera module continues to appear outside the body of the smartphone, while Rumors suggest that iPhone 14 and 14 Max Existing A15 Bionic chip must be reused.

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As a general rule, the Apple has not commented on the matter.. Therefore, we emphasize that you need to consider everything as just another rumor in the market.

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Original text (03/16/22)

Despite some recent releases, the star of Apple every year is the new generation of iPhone. And in 2022 we can finally recognize a smartphone without a camera notch, but Adopt hole, front camera hole. Here’s what a couple of concepts in CAD 3D show in iPhone 14 Pro Got it 91mobile portal. This is just one of the details shown in the pictures.

Which device should come with A16 Bionic . platform It appears with a pill-shaped slot for the Face ID, next to the camera lens.

The front has symmetrical bezels at all corners, with the top bezel accommodating the speaker. The power button is on the right, while the volume button, SIM card slot, and slider are on the left.

The rear design, in turn, refers to iPhone 13 Pro, with a square unit with three sensors, LED flash, microphone and LiDAR sensor. The main sensor should be 48 megapixels. In addition, it is slightly raised relative to the stern, and can be seen from different angles. The bottom also houses the speaker, microphone, and charging port.

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The iPhone 14 Pro should retain the 6.1-inch screen of the previous generation, with an OLED ProMotion panel, and still look like the 5G antenna cutouts around it. The model should come with the same color options as the iPhone 13 Pro, including The new green that was announced at the Peek Performance event.

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(Updated March 22, 2022 at 11:40 pm)