May 30, 2024

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Eliezer "regrets" for being the fourth lollipop hero

Eliezer “regrets” for being the fourth lollipop hero

Eliezer had a moment of reflection this morning, inBBB 22″ (TV Globo) but not because of the nomination for the new hot seat for realityAnd it’s fake. After the elimination of SloveniaThe brother has officially become the last resident of the fourth lollipop still in the race for the Millionaire award.

Alone, contemplating the colors of the colorful room in the most-watched house in Brazil, the publicist lamented:

Hell, there’s only my stuff here. Left only to me, more than strange … Eliezer on being the last lollipop survivor

Moments ago, the participant was commenting as the group’s “champion”. “Damn*, you’re a Lollipop champ. That’s good, right?” , PA said to the brother.

Eliezer replied, “I don’t know if that’s a good thing.”

“You can’t manage your feelings, you just lost a friend,” Douglas noted.

I didn’t even imagine it would be. I didn’t even think it would get past the first week. I’m not used to waiting for people to like me Eliezer

In addition to being the last survivor of the room, Eliezer is also the only “rent” in the room who actually escaped the wall – The publicist was the least voted in the hot seat that eliminated Laís from the show.

From the fourth they were eliminated: RodrigoAnd the barbaricAnd the BrunaAnd the LarissaAnd the SmellAnd the Vinny, les and now Slovenia. Between Barbara and Lace’s departure, there have been six consecutive defeats of the Lollipop group.

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