June 21, 2024

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Paolo Andre gets angry and exchanges barbs with Gustavo at lunch

Paolo Andre gets angry and exchanges barbs with Gustavo at lunch

This afternoon, the participants in the “BBB 22″ (TV Globo) got involved in a sponsored business in which they could cook their own lunch. While everyone else was eating, Gustavo, Paulo Andre, and Arthur ended up getting weird.

Paolo Andre, who had prepared the Brigadeiro with Arthur, got up from the table, and the former rebel asked the athlete to transfer the dessert from the pan to a bowl.

Hearing Arthur’s request, Gustavo remarked, “I won’t catch a cold in the hot pan.”

“Yes, so I tell him to put it in the pot,” replied the actor.

The man from Parana replied: “But the recipe was for you, wasn’t it?”.

“We were doing it,” Arthur explained, “but they asked us to leave him and come to the table.”

Paolo Andre exclaimed, “I was eating, brother! I can’t breathe? I just ate, and I’m breathing.”

“It’s not mine, man,” said Gustavo. “It’s for everyone.”

“You think he’s the big boss, right?” asked the athlete.

“Are you going to let it cool in the hot pan?” the law graduate joked.

“If someone had said, ‘Take it out of the hot pot and put it somewhere’, I would have done it,” Arthur stressed.

“No need, no. It’s gone. Everything is fine,” said Natalia, putting an end to the discussion.

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