June 16, 2024

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Ellen Mineiro regrets not spending the day with Rico

Ellen Mineiro regrets not spending the day with Rico

Aline Mineiro, part of “farm 13 inch (RecordTV) e One of the names in the twelfth farm for this seasonHe indicted Rico Melquiades – With whom she had a friction in the bedroom earlier – While the two were eating in the headquarters kitchen.

“You should have stayed with me more today alone,” said the ex-panic. “Friend, I’m really looking forward to it. badSadness,” vented the comedian.

“Stop, my friend,” replied the pawn, “that’s all, throw it away.” Rico commented, “I was going to make you feel insecure. So go for me, I had better not be there.”

Then Allen started talking about her day with Marina Ferrari and Mailad Mihaely, People with whom the former paranoid complained about the humorist’s behavior earlier.

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