May 19, 2024

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Farm Poll 13 indicates the percentage of those leaving in the 12 farm vote. TV News

Farm Poll 13 indicates the percentage of those leaving in the 12 farm vote. TV News

farm 13 I entered last week. This Thursday (9), the player will leave the match. Threatened with disqualification, Aline Mineiro, Maylady Mihaly Solange Gomez crash a Balanced disagreement in the vote. At least that’s what major Reality polls show on Record.

Although the former panic appears as the least chosen by the public in various polls, its proportion among competitors is not entirely different.

in part of the newsAnd Aline Mineiro It has 28.24% public support. First, Solange has 37.61% of the options, and Mileide comes in at 34.14%. More than 97 thousand votes have been recorded until the publication of this text.

The end result is the same UOL استطلاع Poll, but the percentages are slightly different. In the controversy over the leadership of the keratin scale, the former Banheira do Gugu received 36.25%, while the influencer Maranhão received 35.98% – that is, the difference is less than one percentage point. In last place, Aline comes with 27.77%.

This is one of the last elimination nights of Farm 13, which ends on the next 16th. On Monday (13), two pawns will be eliminated, and the other two will leave on the last field, Tuesday (14). The vote for the 1.5 million R$ prize will include four nominees.

The polls are not scientific in nature and only depict a trend on the part of A Fazenda 13 viewers, who vote on the official Record website. The result will be known on Thursday evening (9).

Who lives in the twelfth farm? Vote below:

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