December 9, 2023

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Erika, Liziane, Nego do Borel and Solange are nominated for the first Roca from A Fazenda 13 - A Fazenda

Erika, Liziane, Nego do Borel and Solange are nominated for the first Roca from A Fazenda 13 – A Fazenda

Erika Schneider, Liziane Gutierrez, Nego do Borel and Solange Gomes nominated for the first Roça de competition farm 13. The vote took place on the air last Tuesday night (21). At first, presenter Adrian Galisto reminded of the rules of dynamics.

To win the trial of fire, Bil Araújo went in search of Poderes da Chama and chose Amarela for himself: “The owner of this power must choose between: to be fortified in this formation in Roça or to win a prize of R$10,000.”

The model chose to take the money home. As for the power of the red flame, he handed it to Victor Pecoraro: “The owner of this power must exchange two residents of Paya for two pawns in the headquarters.”

Thus, Victor Dianne Melo and Lécian Gutierrez took from Baia and put Solange Gomez and Nego de Borel in the place of the duo.

as a farmer, Gui Araujo nominated Nego do Borel directly to Roça: “Besides situations with which I do not agree, this person does not cooperate with anything at all,” he declared.

Voting continued to determine the second roceiro. At this point, the Baia residents were unable to get votes.

After many justifications and quarrels, Diane Melo and Lesian Gutierrez tied with four votes each.

After that, farmer Gui Araujo entered the scene and chose Liziane to take second place in Roça.

As the most voted player, Lisian Solange pulled Gomez da Bahia to the third bench at Roca.

Then, Solange Gomes started at Resta Um and saved Tati Quebra Barraco. The other dynamic pawns followed suit in the same way.

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Erica Schneider finished second in Resta One and finished fourth in her first Roca of the season.

The dancer objected to Nego do Borel for participating in the Farmer’s Test on Wednesday (22). Thus, the singer is the first confirmed in Roca.

Continue farm 13! The reality show airs Monday through Friday at 10:45 p.m.; On Saturday, after the Genesis series, and on Sunday, after Wonderful Sunday!

The signing of the Play Plus And access to the 24-hour broadcast of farm 13.