December 4, 2023

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Fazenda Nego Liziane

Farm 13: Nego do Borel mocks the appearance of a Lycian and imitates a pawn: “You look like the Joker”; Watch

Geez! This Tuesday (21st), Nego do Borel I gave the talk back in “Farm 13”. The singer imitated Lesian Gutierrez He mocked the participant’s appearance. With the situation, the influencer’s team showed itself to the case and stated that it would take appropriate action.

Nego was talking in the living room with Erika Schneider and Rico Melquiades, when I remember an episode that happened at the last party. Funkeiro changed his face to mock Lesian’s expression and told him what she had said to him during the occasion. ‘She came to me. What’s her mouth like?’ She said, ‘Ne, damn it, man! Wanna do a VT with Tati?’ [Quebra Barraco], is not it? Do you want to do VT with Tati? ‘. I said: What is this, my namaste? I want to do what. I said, damn you, you look like the Joker.”said the musician, shivering in his mouth.

Watch the video below:

The scene gave people a talk and it didn’t take Liziane’s team long to comment on the matter. The official profile of the person disclaimed the position. “They preach so much love to their neighbour, they demand respect and forget that they are being watched on national television. Nego do Borel makes fun of the appearance of a traumatized and fearful girl who has already said that she did not choose to go through this”Note began.

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The team also noted that Lesian was the victim of a medical error, and that she even vented about it at home. “Someone call the Joker and laugh at something painful, is it a medical error? This is very rotten. In advance, we have already registered that we are against this situation, especially for the singer who has an impact on the audience. We are with you and wish you a lot of strength, Lisian!”, conclude the text.

Shortly thereafter, journalist Fabia Oliveira revealed that the Fazanda co-defendant intends to take the case to court. According to the columnist for the newspaper “O Dia”, Lesian lawyers will file a lawsuit against Nego do Borel in the civil sphere. Through social networks, there was also no shortage of criticism of what happened to the participant. Check out some feedback below:

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Last week, Lisan recalled that she made mistakes with the 2018 face contouring and ended up suffering from very serious complications. “When the problem started, he [médico] He said it was an allergy, an allergy, an allergy. became brutal. My mouth was like this [torta]. It was terrible”Gutierrez said. “When I had the surgery, the next day I traveled to the US. I was feeling a lot of tingling at first. Then it swelled up and swollen and my face was disfigured”, he added. Watch the videos and find out all the details, click here.

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