May 26, 2024

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Estádio do Palmeiras is notified of the closure after the third fine for noise above the permissible limit;  Games will not be suspended |  Sao Paulo

Estádio do Palmeiras is notified of the closure after the third fine for noise above the permissible limit; Games will not be suspended | Sao Paulo

Palmeiras stadium, Allianz Parque, has received a notification of administrative closure by the city of São Paulo. The punishment, stipulated by law, took place after the multipurpose arena was fined for the third time for non-compliance with the Psiu (Urban Silence Program) law.

The fine of R$39,823 was paid after the American band’s concert maroon 5last Tuesday (5). The next day, council members hastily tried to vote a The replacement project that allowed a volume of 85 dB until 23:00. In the draft text, handwritten, mention is made of Morumbi Stadium and Allianz Parque, the two stadiums that usually host concerts by international bands in the capital, São Paulo.

After being interrogated by SP2 On the matter, both Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) and Chamber President, Milton Leit (União Brasil), both denied the urgent need to vote on the project. Nunes said he asked the chamber to issue a provisional ruling for up to 180 days, and Leyte said there was “no obligation to hold an immediate vote.”

The stadium had already been fined twice in 2017, after concerts by singer Justin Bieber. According to Section 148 of the Land Use and Occupation Law, each fine for non-compliance increases the penalty. The first evaluation assumes a fine and a summons to stop the violation. Second, a fine of twice the amount and a new summons. In the third, the fine is three times the first, and the administrative closure of the place is determined.

If the administrative closure is not complied with, a police investigation should be conducted and a new closure implemented, with the assistance of the police, if necessary. The text of the law talks about “the use of physical means that create obstacles to access,” such as concrete walls and bumpers.

Project project that attempted to increase the permissible decibel limit in the area of ​​two stadiums in São Paulo – Photo: TV Globo

Palmeiras is scheduled to make his Brazil debut at 9 pm on Saturday (9), in their home stadium, against Ceara. Despite the administrative closure, the team’s matches will not be affected. After notifying the city council, Allianz Parque’s managing company, WTorre Entretenimento, appealed the sentence.

Paulistao 2022 final between Palmeiras and São Paulo at Allianz Parque, in the Western Region of SP – Photo: Yuri Murakami / Fotoarena / Estadão Content

In a memo sent to TV Globo, WTorre states that football matches are not covered by Psiu’s law, and so the agenda has been confirmed. “On the issue of noise at large events, there is ongoing work to mitigate potential interference in the area, search for best practices and implement measures for good coexistence,” the director told.

To the city council, the company sent an urgent request to reopen on Friday (8), claiming that it has already taken precautionary measures in the past, such as installing soundproof windows in apartments in a building close to the stadium, and that it intends to adopt additional measures to suit the issue. WTorre also requested the effect of the suspension to allow shows already scheduled at Allianz Parque.

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The management of Subprefectures, which is responsible for Psiu, suggested in an internal opinion that the administrative closure should be maintained, but allowed football matches to take place. The municipal prosecutor’s office has recommended granting a partial reopening, in order to maintain the game’s calendar.

Parallel to this week’s decisions, there is a civil investigation into the prosecutor’s office into the noise level in the vicinity of Allianz Park. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, a meeting is scheduled between the IPT (Institute of Technology Research) and the stadium technicians to discuss the first steps of the Final Conduct Modification Term (TAC).

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