May 26, 2024

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Ex-BBB Globo accuses direct manipulation and offers behind-the-scenes secrets

Ex-BBB Globo accuses direct manipulation and offers behind-the-scenes secrets

More than a year after its elimination with 98.76% refused BBB 21Nego Di has not changed the record yet and has brought charges against Globo for his time on the show. The participant said that the reality Turn him into a villain Through montage and cutting the most relaxed situations he lived inside the house. The comedian even offered some secrets behind the scenes, like the fact that he can see cameras and people through mirrors.

The comedian complained that his joke moments were not shown, and also maintained that he did not enter the attraction led by director GBD Oliveira Bonino, with the intent of creating a character.

“It’s hard for you to be on a show for being a character all the time. The comedian doesn’t joke all the time. I’m a quiet, serious and shy guy. People find this weird. When I walked in I said I’m going to sell my fish, but I want to show my side as a person. I kept playing imitating men, In Rodolfo’s accent, I’ve been practicing Lumina’s foot all the time,” he reported in an interview with Podcast Inteligância LTDA.

Nego Di was eliminated third from BBB21, when he went against The Wall with Sarah Andrade and Fiock. He left with 98.76% of the vote, one of the biggest rejections in the show’s history. The comedian believes there was an effort by the trend to turn him into a villain:

Then I realized they had the personality, the villain. Imagine if people started loving the villain? Sometimes the guys in the office would watch me, there were six screens, and I was in the blind spot. there [quando] I was collecting votes, explaining the game, and the guys focused on me. Then I’ll start laughing and the camera will come out. Players are manipulated and edited in real time.

During the conversation, Nego Di took the opportunity to say that he and his co-conspirators were able to perceive the recording teams’ movement behind the scenes.

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“They turn on the cameras remotely, they talk about the exit, the cameras in the mirrors make the men on the tracks. Sometimes I could see them when I was getting dressed, brushing my teeth. Sometimes when we lay near the wall we could hear the door opening and closing. The sounds of knives, the men eating. Inside the walls! Crazy!” he said.

in different times , Globo has already denied that it’s tampering with Big Brother Brazil’s directives. Last year, Boninho also commented that he wouldn’t be crazy about putting the game’s credibility at risk of outside interference from direction.

Check out an excerpt from Nego Di’s accusation: